Thursday, April 20, 2006

Why i am tired of forums

You know that you shld stop going to forums that have no aim, i.e those that are for ppl to chat abt anything with no common goal execpt to just kill time at work, when you constantly put up with assholes there whom like to runinsults the 1st chance they get.

Some of them even have the cheek to insinuate things abt you when they themselves are not the model moral person to begin with. I say, I think I will fuck off from such place, coz, why bother with morons rite? In the end they only want to prove that their online penis is huge(I said online coz I think in real they have really tiny ones)

You know the saying abt having an arguement on the internet is like winning the special olympics? The one that says that even if you win you are still retarded? Yes that one, and it feels like that with these forums, constantly battling morons whom think they know the most(or in this case think they got teh biggest penis)

No I dun think i will go back to read, I dun care anymore, its a place ravage by retards and I dun want to join in and be one of them. I think I am capable of more matured tok with other more interesting objective directed forums, i.e forums for hobbies and such.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Lucked Out

Been rather unlucky for the past few days, lEts see the list....

Cut myself badly.....Checked
Damaged my car over the weekend......Checked
Woke up late for work.....Checked
Having a bad stomach.....Checked
Dropping my car keys in the toilet bowl after the bad stomach....Checked

I love my life......*sigh*

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Accidental Daisy

It was one of those nites where the simple 'WTF' is really put into its true meanings, 1stly at home while trying to complete my plane(P38), I was testing the control systems and by accident, I turn on the throttle. Plane on wheels rolled towards me, my foot was the nearest thing to it, and I tried to pit foot against plane, forgetting that a P38 is a twin engined plane with its props at the side instead of in teh centre which all my other planes are.

So using the foot stop plane method, big toe struck a prop, not once, but 3 times(3 cuts) and in an britney spheres way I went, oops i did it again.... SO I was bleeding all over my floor, thinking that it was as bad if not worst than the hand fight computer session I had 2 mon ths ago, using a roll of toilet paper to try to stop the bleeding. Went down to the clinic and what do you know, they open at 7 pm, its freaking 630 pm now and I am bleeding to death here.

So then, In that condition with toilet paper wrapped ard my big toe, using my sandle to hold it all in place, I had to drive down to central to get to a hopefully opened clinic, and you know what, they open at 7pm.....knnbccb.......all the fucking clinics in the west open at 7 pm, was tempted to go A n E but thinking of that faggot of a doctor who treated me the last time with all his snide remarks, I decided to stay and wait for them to open the frigging doors, plus I dun think I can drive to NUH in my condition.

In the end, the doc says its superficial, no stitches required, its funny as I swore more blood came out than the time I got the cut in my hand. bandaged up, i was 28 bucks poorer and sent my merry way home.

Later that nite since, nadnut was kind enuff to give me some tix to watch the premire of daisy(some korean show starring that sassygurl person) at prince 1(which teh aircon was half baked). The actress appeared to introduce her film and to graze her fans for supporting her, well not after a lengthy( and unnecessary) intro to the star and her movie.

The fans are like zombies...the moment she appeared, they(whom were already sitting in the center front row) left their seats and tried to swamp the make shift stage. These ppl are like mindless zombies, lurching foward to snap a few pics, lil miss whiny and I had a good time laffing at them.

The worst thing is that when the actress left, there was this group of teeny bloppers that tried to follw her and snap more pics maybe even trying to touch her. Of course there were the beefy security to prevent that from happening. When she left the hall, these crazy teens not wanting to left go, raced out of teh hall to try to catch her outside. They had no intentions to watch the movie I guess as I did not see them come back in.

The movie is not too bad, and for all you korean fanatics, its a must watch, you got your triangle love shit, your sappy moments, someone crying hard, someone dying at the arms, what not to love abt it. But the triangle lov eshit is witha twist.

Oh thinking that the nite was over we headed home, but on the way home, we saw around 5 different accidents, even one that is at the junction leading to my home. It was surreal, like I was all of a sudden transported to a game in the GTA series, as teh drivers in game are reckless and almost every junction the NPCs will slam into each other causing an accident.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

What gives you the right?

For the past 6 months I have got to know some ppl that suffer from a weird disease, these ppl like toput others down with any remark whomever makes, else that must say something to insult a person's integrity or intelligence making them look as though they are much better.

The worst thing is, some of these ppl also suffer from servere case of SPS, which is a disease that make a person want to or have the need to be the last to have the last word. Be it s simple graphic or a yawn, these ppl dun know that by doing so, they make themselves look sso much more defective than the rest of us.

In fact most of the the time they got seirous issues abt their self esteem and thus use this way to put ppl down to boost their own esteems/egos. The scary thing is that some of these ppl are christians, I mean when I still went to church, I tot that christians are taught not to judge, not to slide such vile comments, its time like these that make me rethink abt the so called christians.

I think these ppl are the worst as in they only beleive in it so that they can be 'saved'? Then to do anything they want and take it for granted that they are going to heaven? So in essence they are just christians by name?

Anyway back to topic, why do such ppl exist? Why do they take pleasure at insulting others, not like they themselves are holier than thou art. Maybe they should take a piss on the floor and reflect on themselves to see if they are any better b4 passing shit comments on others