Thursday, August 26, 2010

Faith in Humanity

Was watching 'Legion' last night and though it was a poorly made show, the underlying message in it that alot of us can take home.

The show is on the premise of what if "God' Lost faith in humanity and decided to wipe us out with his angels". Well that could happen, think about it, I mean we can get really mean at ppl whom we do not know.

Things like hearing about a person whose car was hit in a parking lot while she was parked and shopping and the culprit did not even have the decency to leave their contact number to pay for their own mistakes leaving the victim pay with their own money to repair their own cars.

Then you hear about idiot bloggers calling other bloggers childish for deleting comments while they do it themselve and justifying their behaviour just becoz they are bloggers.

Then there is the one about ppl doing things to self sabotage themselves knowing that its a bad idea to do a certain thing yet they still do it just to prove some inane point that they are right.

I can certainly see that we are spiraling down to our doom. I do not say that I am a saint, nor do I stick to practises like a holy man, yet its hard not to miss these 'points' not thinking 'oh well there goes the human race'.

I won't be surprised that 'God' has lost faith in man as a lot of us have already done so.

So......when its the end comes, don't blame 'God', don't blame anyone, just blame yourselves.