Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Wads wif all the short skirts

Woke up at 630 am in the morningt to coem to work because of a last minute lecture that wanted to be webcasted and turned out that the lecturer does not want to webcast his lecture but due to a PESKY TA that has to run everyone's life butt in and requested webcasting. WTF the lecturer did not want to, so you as a TA butt out.

Anyway back to topic, wad do I see, this gal with one of those short flare skirts walking up teh stairs, exposing her light blue underwear. Damn these ARTs gals, it feels like everyone of these gals go to XX's blog and get their fashion sense from there. Also I dun understand why must they all try to wear the same thing like its very in, the only in thing they will be contributing is , lewd old men waiting at stair case landings waiting to look up into your panty clad pussy, dumb bitches.

Skirts in Uni are getting shorter by the semseter, one fine day they gonna come clad in bikinis.....oooohhhh I should not give them ideas..... ITS A DAMN SCHOOL for gawds sake, not some whore house, come to school to study not to flash your panty cladded pussy ard. Sheese furthermore the students know that the lecture halls seating is inclined, and wearing such short stuff means you are giving the lecturer or whomever sitting below a nose bleed. YOU GALS ARE CAUSING A WORK HAZARD. Damn students!

An update on my little miss whiny (she requested a shameless mention in my blog), having quitted her job, she is now frantically finding a new one. Also she went to an interview with the MTV ppl yesterday, though they did say she is not suitable for the job and she did not try to make herself sound suitable, they told her they willl refer her to the promo side when their awards are done, which I think they will most likely wun get back to her. Also there is some job openings for her at another cable firm, she shld try for it, maybe she might get her dream job or pay tehre.

She has been looking at holidays at places abroad, dun know why, but I had never had much need of wanting to leaving singapore, I guess I am too spoon fed, I like the security we have in this little high standard of living island of ours. Though things are expensive here, at least its safe. Not that I dun want to go on a holiday alone with her, but, becoz of the responsiblilities I will have to leave behind, i.e. work and my pets, I am reluctant to look at the holiday thingy a bit more seriously.

Then she wanted me to watch fight club, well we had a sort fo argument why I shld watch it. My point being that I saw some of teh promo shots of it and found it uninteresting at best, her arguement is that I should watch it and not listen to reviews. WHICH i state again is not my main reason why i dun want to watch it, the main reason is that you watched it already and would rather watch something we both have not watched yet together, untill all the dvds we have that we have not watched are exhausted, then I will go on to that, also my 'to do' list is getting longer and fight club will have to wait, not that I want to dis teh show, just that I have not enuff time for it, for now.

Oh the price of the NDS in tpy fell badly, it is now at 308 with 2 games, I feel shitty about it. PSP is now at 599 compared to teh 999 when it 1st hit sg. I got myself a NDS screen protector for 10 bucks which is the original one and has a protector for both screens, I did my best to put in the screen protectors but only the top one went in almost perfectly, teh bottom one I had a hard tiem getting it in without dust. Thus the bottom screen's got a few dust particles stuck to it.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Fiona Xie Vs XiaXue

Yup its realy happening, all of a sudden xiaxue took a lashing towards the local actress Fiona Xie. Dun really know wad triggered such a response or action by her, dun really care, just that this had let me have an opportunity to see who thi sbubbly gal(fiona) we see on TV blog. My take is.....its gonna be long I think....

Xiaxue's blog

Well in it she stated tyhat the media scene in singapore is too squeaky clean, that teh media dun pulish scandals of stars, wad they do behind the scenes. That some or wad she actually states a lot of them are actually having a lot of frolicking under the beds of rich men. Well I would not be surprised if it is true, I once was offered that I can bed ann kwok if I paid SGD$10K per nite for her. It may be true that teh stars in singapore or sleeping ard for money, it also may be true that they are not happy with their lives and teh arrangements they have.

Yet I find it amusing that our local blogging queen has taken such an interest in trying to state teh obvious that these stars should not act 'tight' and appear all pristine and godly in front of their fans. The other thing about her statement she made about working in teh media line, well I think she has no idea wad really goes on for those who work inthat line. So it would be nice if she for once do some research b4 shooting her mouth off about it.

I dun care much about any of teh stars she brings up trash, but the way she does it, well she seem a bit like trying to act as though she is associated in that industry, which I think she is not. She may have friends, maybe one of two from that line, that does not makes her all knowing of wad goes behind close doors.

The other thing I felt that I shld mentioned is the oart where she stated that 'fiona' shld not be hypocritcal and write shit that impress or entertains her fans. If that statement holds, she shld change the way she write, I remember her mentioning on her bblog once that she must blog in a wya that entertains her fans. Truth be told I think this huge fan base of hers, has gone to her head, I never disliked her nor really supported her actions, I was more of a neutral character, I still am. Just taht sometimes I disagree with wad she writes and this time, its not that I dun disagree with wad she writes, but how she puts it.

All in all, I feel that she shld examine her online self and her real self and see if they tally before telling teh world that this so and so is so hypocritical, btw I had a gay friend of mine telling me wad a hypocrite you are, yet I give you the benifit of teh doubt.

Fiona Xie's blog

She got one thing rite in her blog....its delirious, I think she takes an overdose of valium each time she blogs, why you say? its incomprehensive by normal standards. it like a hippy oxford undergraduate huigh on crack trying to type. It makes my head hurt trying to read her crap. its very obvious that when she blogs she is exterting a lot of restraint.

I think its ok if you want to be drunk and get into rich men's cars and maybe even bed them for a good five figure. Its also ok if you want to appear 'tight' to your fan base when you might not be. Wad s really bad is teh holier than thou art shit taht you potray, esp that part where you said you want to spew oout teh sinner's vocab but will refrain...restrauint....re...waddever fuck lah. erm cut that I am holier than you act and ppl may even like you more.

Also I heard something ablut you wanting to be famous as fast as possible. It would seem that now you got there, it seems that you have no idea where to go from there. So with your fame, you think ppl will bow down to you? Even if you acted unweildly in the presence of the public. If you state that you are a christian, yet you seem to lack humility, where in yoru god's bible stated that one shld be as famous as fast as possible?

So we know that you might not be wad you seem in your blog, in front of your fans and down partying and getting drunk/laid/molested in places like zouk. Its all cool, lots of gals yoru age do that. Just that too bad you are a local star. Thus all teh attention. You wanted fame and fame is a double edged sword, remember that.

You r blog really hurts my head when I attempt to read it, you shld try stop being arrogant and use profound words that you might have to look up on www.dictionary.com everytime you write it.

My Views

I think both gals are young, thus still lots of raging hormornes in their blood, one is famous in real one is famous on line. one has big boobs the other is good at photoshop. Both are fake online and both try to impress their fan base. In the end I think both are more similar than they think.

One good thing came out of this, at least is that I finally have something to write about after a long dry spell. Yet I feel taht i may not have phrased a lot of teh stuff i wrote in a better way, sometimes its hard to phrase the true feelings.

Monday, January 17, 2005

Near miss to the eye

I know its been a fukcing long time since i made a substantial post, hey I got a fucking life, you know the usual, like running down ppl in my car, stealing any cool car I see on teh streets, having cheap sex with prostitutes and put out fires with a fire engine I stole, okok... I did not do those things, well actually I did, but only in the game i am so engrossed in recently, its call Grand theft auto san andrea. This time round I get to do a lot more shit, you canm even train your body or buy lots of clothes, even get a cool hair cut.

well enuff of that game. Back to topic, ok as I was saying, I had a near miss to my eye. I was cutting my rabbit's, sweetpie, nails with a animal nail cutter, she does not like having her nails done, so untypical of a woman... anyway as I was trying to cut a nail on her foot, she kicked my hand and I hit my eye with the cutter. lucky for me it only hit the white part of teh eye, and lieft a slight cut on it. My rite side of my rite eye it now blood shot red. Pust started to gather yesterday and I decided to see the doctor. The doctor told me that its not serious and I just need to put some eye drops. Oh well wad a wasted of 8 bucks.

I have another ointment that I must put at nite only as it will make my vision blurry, cool a cream that makes youi blind... wad will they think of next, contracepive pills that make you pregnant?

I guess i wun be blogging for a while, aside from my NDS, PS2, I too have a new pc in my room now, finally. I guess there will be too many games for me to play ad begging me to complete b4 I ever see the light of day again, well I am sure I wun be missed anyway.

Lastly, singaporean drivers still suck...big time, they got to buck and stop being assholes on teh road, else on fine day I will run you down, pull you out of your car and beat you to a pulp with my crow bar. Opps thats teh game toking again.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Back from the lost world

A lot of shifting and moving happening over teh last 2 weeks, plus the holidays and my long deserved 1 week long holiday all happening at one time, I am left without time to update things here.
1stly there is teh shifting for my office to teh auditoriums, I have positioned my pcs and monitors in uch a fashion that it feels like mission control of a space shuttle lanuch. Furthermore it doe snot help when my place is top most table in the center. I feel like I am at teh command position LOL. Imagnie this, you sit at a tabl e not just with 1 terminal but 3 monitors in a fashion with all 3 monitors facing you ( 1 front, 1 left and 1 rite)

Then there was miss special whiny's house movingand office moving all happening atthe same time. Of coz I did help with her relocation but has yet get her pc up and running. I gues moving always require some time to settle down

Also last wek I went to JB again and got lost in JB again.... well got a lot of pirated stuff from across teh border but was caught with them at teh chk point. Anyway the day did not feel rit eto begin with like some one said. thus I guess it has to happen to us. The gals as usual did moe shopping than teh guys. We finally managed to eat teh sea food at sentosa there.

in 2 weeks so much has happened but I have yet teh time to write everything that has happened in teh last few days. I still am having some bloggers block and need to at least finish my metal gear solid 3 before I can write my usual shit that everyone laffs at . Evreything shld go back to normal in a few weeks tiem, I hope

Lastly I got myself a nintendo DS, yes the lust has succumbed me, though its a hefty 400 bucs, I do enjoy it a lot and happy with it. But my pockets are protesting as I still have road tax, insurance and maintanence I have yet to pay for my car.