Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Blackout in Singapore?

Groping in the dark? Air con not working? I guess that is the feeling 30% of the population felt last nite. the main question now is, were you one of them. I myself was omited from this 'fun' episode as I was at home, in the luxury of elctricity, air con and all.

How can this happen you wondr in amazement, in your minds you are thinking that how such a thing that only occurs in less developed countries often can happen to our metropolitan home. According to the authorities, the gas supply from Indonesia was disrupted. WTF you say? Come to think of it if Indonesia decides to terminate our gas supply does that mean the whole country will grope ard in darkness?

It makes you wonder where are all the redundacies in an event like that and how can a place lik esingapore where we refine crude oil into petrolium products to export to other country could have power outage due to disruption of gas flow? Weird I say, somemore its like the second time in a months time whereby such an event has happen. Good thing both times missed my estate.

Xando not working?

Day 4 of the Xando struggle. My wt this morning is 76.5Kg. WTF was my 1st reaction. I dun know man, though my clothes are feeling looser, or is it my imagination, my wt has not changed much. Money back garuantee here I come!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2004


Well today as i am stuck in my in house course I got to think about the stuff that I can do this weekend. Yes its only tuesday and i am thinking about the weekend to come. One thing that most of you guys will be out catching is the up coming spiderman 2 whereby reviews sound like a must watch.

Here Ia m supposed to be on a course about macromedia flash mx 2004(which we do not even have) and all I can think of is the weekend. Anyway this thursday I will be on leave and thus shld not be blogging, unless some interesting shit happens. Since this is a 2 day course, paid by my company, I might not even blog tomorrow and it will be thursday the day after, the week does look short all of a sudden.

I had some thoughts about the recent prostitution problems we have in singapore. In the past the police have had always had their way of controlling it. In recent articles on the news stating that these chinese nationals have even taken to the streets in china town soliciting really got me wondering wad these police are doing.

Last nite as I was with a friend that is going to leave my company soon, spending time with him chatting over old times, we decided to head down to the infamous geylang to see wad it looks like now. To my amazement, not only parking was hell but the amount of 'working ladies' on the streets felt like we are no longer in the green city of Singapore but a backward third world country where by crime roams and runs amok.

These 'working ladies' are almost everywhere, no longer do they confim their business at the Golden triangle and odd lors, they moved all over the place sweeping from Lor 8 to 18. I even saw many at lor17, 19 and 21, which I never tot had such transactions going on. The place was flooded with them, more than 100 of these ladies were strewed all throughout these lors and you can only wonder where are the police.

When we decided to leave another shock took me. At the main road, there were also some 'working ladies' tryingto get customers. AT THE MAIN ROAD!!! I mean, doing it in the dark corners of unlitted alleys is one thing. In the broad bright lights of the main road is sheer defiance. One good thing arosed form that trip, its a great moral booster to have all these attractive women, signal you, wanting you....ok ok they only want my money, but I have none too bad, for them that is :)

Monday, June 28, 2004

Why Darwin is right!!

Yesterday as I went on my merry way of weekend hobby as usual, I stumbled upon probably the dumbest facades of the singaporean intelligence. There I was at MS(marina south) arriving at 4 pm on a warm sunday afternoon to find not 1 but 4 high performance ROAD cars(might I stress on the word ROAD again) in the middle of the field I usual do my leisurely business on.

Now this field is out of the way from the normal motorway, and the dirt road that leads in is riddled with bumps, potholes and other death traps. I was watching in amazement how dumb these singaporeans can be. Imagine this, you are in a high perfoamance ROAD car, and your zipping up and down this dirt bumpy road trying to race each other out in the middle of the day. If they are trying to kill their car, I guess they sort of succeeded. These imbeciles are not only dumb, but guess wad? THEY ARE AH BENGs!!! With unbuttoned shirts up to their navels no less.

They have absolutely no chest hair. Even my chest was hairier than theirs and teher they are displaying wad lil (read as none) chest hair. Trying to impress their 'Ah lians' killing their suspension of their cars zipping up and down this bumpy road. I wonder why is it the dumb get all teh fortune sometimes. Coz in the midst of teh cars, there was a fully mod R34 skyline, a hopped up sylvia and a fully tweaked Type R integra. These dumb asses got the money to boot.

Ok I know you guys might think that its mean to call these cave men dumb, well let me prove you why they shld be on the list of darwin's theory of evolution and be breed out of teh gene pool. The owner of the skyline locked himself out with teh keys in his car. The owner of the integra while trying to impress some poor bitch crashed his car on a deep bump catching his fiber glass body kit, making an impact that buckled his hood. That is a feat no normal (read as sane) person can do. A tow truck was called in to 1st help the poor baffoon open his car and later tow the integra away.

These dumb asses have no where else to throw their money for sure. I watch in amazement how dumb these cave men can be, just to prove one thing......that they are suffering from SPS (refer to my earlier post about it for meaning). Like as though winning of going at break neck speeds on a bumpy road will help make the gal in their car next to them cum in their seats so they can bring them to a deeper and far secluded area to fuck their brains out. Maybe they think that having their cars flying over the bumps will have sort of a massaging or theraputic effect to stimulate the gal's clits and give them an orgasm even without having sex.

Wadever their evcuse for living is, I hope that they would be breed out of existence as it clearly shows that these ppl do not have the maturity nor mental capacity to act responsibly with the 'money?' they earn or the things they have. Maybe they shld all seal themselves in an airtight room and ponder why its getting harder to breath each minute.

Xando Update

Day 2 went by and my weight is now 76.5Kg I think its more of a water loss than anything else. well they did say in 3 days you are supposed to loose 3.6Kg, but 3.6Kg of wad? water or fat? well we will see by the end of tml if I lost that much. But it do not look good at this point.

Sunday, June 27, 2004

Early in the morning.....

I awoke this morning to loud banging of furniture. I wondered why was my father throwing his temper again. Then he came to me and complained about how late my mother came home last nite. She was said to have come home at 3 am in the morning. This is like one of the few times my mom came home that late and my father is throwing a fit. I guess he has a quer way of showing his concern.

I went to my mom to ask her about last nite and she said that after the show her friends wanted to go for supper and thus was so late. She told me that she did not want to go with them but since they travelle in a group she had to follow them. I told her that in future if she did not want to go, she can call me to go pick her up.

My parents are weird at times, my father seems to be the typical man of the house and his word is final. I wonder when its my turn to be man of teh house which path shld I choose to take? Oh well I guess i am not that MCP to be the typical man of the house type. I do not think its wise to have my say as final, but we will yet to see the future I guess.

As of this blog, my wt is 77.1Kg lets see if I can loose 3 kg in 3 days as xando has claimed.

Saturday, June 26, 2004

Why you shld watch a show in a cinema in the city

I was watching the best bet last nite at toa payoh cineplex, since I was not feeling well enuff to go to some big meet up party that I really wanted to go in town. So Itold myself since the nite is wasted, why not watch a show. I went down to the local cineplex and decided to watch the best bet. It shld be a quiet and funny treat for myself.

WRONG! 1st when I seated at my seat, came a family of an elder women and her children of 30+ of age and they were yaking away like there was no tomorrow. I decided to move to a more secluded region of the theatre. Then while watching the show there was this old man that kept shouting out wad he thinks is the plot line at the audience in hokkien no less! Sometime s you got to wonder whether to pity this old man for having no one to tok to and has to resort in shouting to all the ppl in there wad he thinks. He also seemed deranged like as though he lost all his money in 4D and thus lashes it out at teh rest of us.

Well as funny as teh show was, it would have been a much better experience be it that there were less rowdy ppl in the cinema. I have never or yet to see such behaviour occuring in the more populated cinemas in town. Probably why ppl go to such places to watch a show in teh 1st place. to get a quality show with an equally quality audience.

Xando and a lot Shit

I have always been not too happy about my out look and my weight in recent years. So I decided that I want to loose some weight. Being the lazy ass I am I decided to give Xando a try, since it states that its clinically proven plus it has a $5mil worth of insurance to back it up.

This morning as I prepared to take my breakfast, I poped 2 pills that they recommended to chew 1st b4 swallowing to get the best effects. Did so and ate my breakfast like normal. 20 mins later, I was in a mad rush to the toilet as my stomach was feeling a bit under teh weather. I went to the loo and low and behold, a lot of crap came out, well, its not the usual crap, this crap looks like the curry that you have with your prata. Its 1st time I have something like this out of me. I was wondering whether to atribute this to the pills or to the nonsense I have been subjecting my tummy to.

On the pacakaging it says no laxatives are in teh pills, and yet I want to go to the loo. Also it stated that the pills block out carbo absorbtion and all. Maybe thats why I feel light headed now, or wa sthat teh fact that I am still suffering from the flu. In all fairness, i will do these pills till I finish its course and by then how to loose ard 10 Kgs of ugly fat. I will keep those interested in these fan wong endorsed pills if they work or not thru this blog. Hopefully I do loose some unwanted weight and start training for my IPPT.

Friday, June 25, 2004

Sickness subverts all

Yup you are rite, I am sick!! That is a feat in it itself. I dun fall sick that often, actullay for the last 4 yrs this is like teh second time I am sick. My bones are achy. my nose is blocky and I sound very whiny in this blog. Ok I will look at the bright side of things then. It is funny that the day I fall sick is teh day that our haze was at a bad index ( 2 days ago ). I guess I am controlled by the quality of teh air we breath more than anything else.

I know a lot of ppl fall sck for the slightess reasons and have always tired to not take mc and go to work even if I was running a mild fever. Now, since I drive I cannot afford to do that anymore, wad if I drove while sick and caused an accident? Not only will I total my car I would maybe have done the same to another person, or worst cause a fatality. So I shall not go to work in the name of the safety of all those out there. Today as I drag my ass out of bed, I still ached, more so than yesterday. yet I miraculously got to work iwth no incident.

There was another major accident again today, it delayed me a whole bit. The accident involved a mitsu colt with a P plate. Funny that I recently been seeing a lot of P plates involved with accidents. Mayeb thats why ppl look down on P plates. I guess its a mind set of ppl that shld change that not all P plates are hazards and not all experience drivers are flawless.

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

The world revolves ard you? FINE THEN!

Some ppl are weird, when they want someone to tok to, they come to you all nice an all, while when they are stressed, they take it out on you. I wonder wad friendship really is, these ppl only kno whow to take and not give which is absolutely selfish. I guess it serves me rite for associating myself with them. With these ppl they think that they are always rite, and yet when you point their mistakes in their face, they throw a tantrum.

Then there are cases of ppl whom just fell out of love and do not know the problem, nor why teh relationship fell thru. Frankly speaking I think sometimes we got to take a good look at oneself b4 blaming it on the other party. Have you ever wondered if the problme was yourself and that you might be unbearable, be it being too tempermental or needy or just outright unbearable. I myself always ask if teh problem is with myself when something wrong happens. I try to find the fault in myself 1st b4 looking at it on someone else. I guess being humble is very important to be able to find teh faults in oneself, for over egoistic ppl tend to think the problem lies in others and on 1st signs of distress, shell it out on the other party.

Also A lot of us always think that the whole world revolves ard oneself, that wadever happens to oneself is so much more worst that anyone else. Have these ppl really ever suffered? I dun think so. all They do is say that their lives are teh worst, when they have a roof over their heads, ppl that love them and friends they can fall on. I myself can say that I have a roof over my head, a family that loves me, but I do not have friends I can fall on and today, I just proved that was true. its ok, I loose friends all the time, I dun blame them, like recently I had this arguement with a friend of mine whom I had for 14 yrs. Just like that the friendship is gone.

She knows that wad she is doing is wrong herself, yet she keeps saying she cannot help herself, even when adversity is staring blank in her face. I declared I am going to give up on her. Well basically there is nothing I can do for her even so, so why bother rite? She got into this position that this guy that she loves (or hates, or wadever) caused her to have a car accident with her brand new 3 month old car. The car is in such a bad shape that it might be scrapped. Yet she still wants to see this guy. Worst thing is he had beaten her b4, is still married to another women(whom he at 1st promised to leave) and runs away from the 1st sight of problems.

So here I am loosing all my friends one by one, thinking if the porblem lies with me. I realized that the problem is not me, and its with these ppl, they want to be self destructive I cannot do a think for them. They want to be self centered, I cannot do a thing for them, They want to be petty, its not my problem. So I guess I shall rid myself from all these ppl so that they dun clutter me. Yeap you ain't going to come to me when you are all sad and all anymore, I had enuff, I am also human too. So then its your fault that this relationship sis not work out, its your fault that your life is crap coz you dun want to snap out of it and wake your fucking idea up. Its your fault that you want to be whiny and dependant like a leech among your friends. Just that I wun be that person for you to take it out on anymore, I too had enuff of your shit.

Have a good life and do wadever you want. I dun give a damn anymore.

How scheming women can be

Recently, I have to send a friend's friend back coz she was drunk. Lets call her Miss A. How she got that state was an elaborate scheme to actually seduce a guy whom she has had the hots for for a very long time. This Guy lets call him Mr B is quite well to do, and is the co-owner of 2 seperate business, of which one of them is a pub in a well known pubbing district. Now now you can start to see why this gal seems so smitten by him now eh. I mean any gal that ends up with him will have their future taken care of.

Ok now lets tok about Mr B, he is quite good looking, of ok build and size, toks like a well educated expat, etc etc. Only thing that I dun get is that, he likes to drive his friend's car, fast cars in fact. While he seldoms or never drives his own saloon car to the pub to park outside. Is it that a pub must have a fast car parked outside to gather customers? I wonder if he has a problem with his ego, if me, I would rather park my own car there. If I want to park a fast car, i would make sure that the said fast car belongs to me and not one of my friends. Surely this guy has some issues with his ego or self confidence.

Now lets tok about Miss B, SHe comes from a simple back ground staying in a normal HDB estate like all of us. Education wise, I guess that she is not really highly educated if not she wun be spending so much time in that said pub workin for free for Mr B. She is gorgeous and has a very sexy figure, which she tot was enuff to entice her target. She looks like she has an air of confidence which might have been the results of years of guys chasing her and hearts she played with ( and yet she has no clue why this guy rejects her )

So the stage is set, she has tried every tactic to hook Mr B but to no avail. She even invited him up on serveral occasions to her place for a nite cap, and wadever that happens after that, making it very obvious that she would part her legs for him. He on teh other hand turned her down countless of times. She resorts to her last tactic, she gets drunk in his pub one nite. Hoping that he would have to send her home. In her intoxicated stated, she would demand him sending her up, ad when he goes in, she would do everything to bed him. That is the hypothesis of this plan.

Problem was, she never forsee that a person that was on the way to help his good friend ( another gal, lets call her Miss C ) home. Since Miss C works for Mr B also, he asked her a favour to see if I could send Miss A home too. Me being the nice person I am, and would gladly do things for my friend in need, agreed send the drunken Miss A home. At 1st she refused to bulge form her drunken state knowing that Mr B is not going to send her home. He in fact was rather cold hearted and did not even attend to Miss A, not even as a friend would. Finally after a few other ppl coaxing her to get into my car she relented.

Upon reaching her place, she mumbled something about 'all is lost, all her plans gone down the drain' that I realized wad had happened. Still in her drunkened state, she actually did not want me to send her up, but she could not walk straight, if it was Mr B taht was there at the moment, the situation would have been reversed with her begging him to send her up. Finally I took her up with pain staking effort, saw her into the gates of her home b4 leaving myself.

I just dun understand why gals like that cheapen themselves for men with money. Its sad that the world we live in resorts to this. The guy offered me money for sending Miss A home, I rebuked him saying that I was not his fucking cab driver. This guy obviously cannot face up to his own problems and relys on running from them more than solving them. While this gal is going to do wadever it take sto get him. I wonder if he looses all he has will she still want him. As for myself, I can proudly say that even at such a drunken state, I did not take a single advantage of this gorgeous gal. In fact I was more pissed at teh situation than anything. I think chivary is dead in singapore, I guess thats why women label all men as bastards.

Friday, June 18, 2004

Of Bar Tops and Barmaids Part III

The long awaited last installment of this series has finally come. Last nite was the Finals for the 1st singapore bar top dancing competition. There are 20 finalist from the previous 2 heats. The event was quite a high key event where by invites were given out to a select few. The rest had to enter through 1st drink admissions. I myself was not aware of that the competition started at 8 pm instead of the usual delayed 9 pm start time. As I had other matters to attend to earlier, i missed completely the 1st 10 contestants.

For all the video links, right click on them and save to your pc.

This time round I was armed with my digital camera and took some stills and videos of the last 10 contestants. The last 10 made up mostly of those that where from the 2nd heats that happpened last week. Number 11 and 12 was a guy name cash and the sexy Samantha de cruz(probably the only contestant whose name I remember due to the name) She flaunted her sexy figure and gyrated to the music and added a shake your bon bons move. Also her 2 piece pink mini skirt and savage top meant that she revealed some meat too, though not as much as she did last week.

The guy was from the 1st week competition (somewhat gay) and again tried his thing with shaking his ass but with an added twist, seeing that most ppl stripped last week, he decided to do that too, well someone shld tell him that that is old news already.

This is the video of the duo

Then the next 2 contestants came up, 2 gals one i a black plunging neck line and short skirt, the second had a bra like top with glitery beads flowing down it covering her tummy, which may be a good thing as she was one of the last min contestants which qualified last week. She could dance but her coordination was left to be desired.

In mid dance she took a step too wild and slipped of the bar top and fell backwards, maybe hitting her head. I guess she hit her head a bit too hard coz she got up went straight back up to the bar top and finished her dance. Which became more uncoordinated. The other gal was nothing much spectacular so I decide not to write much about her.

Video of them dancing and this is of her falling down the bar

Next up was the guy whom I tot shld not be in the finalist of last weeks batch and one of my fav gyrators I had last week. Again she wore aan open back apron top that left almost nuthing left to the imagination as she showed almost everything. Her routine was the usual gyrating of hips and thrusting of her lower crotch, that made swells in many of the guys pants.

Though she was a bit big sized, she still had the curves to back up her reason for being in the finals. Her gyrations did stir attentions from some of teh rowdier of guys who did go up to her to get her number, or so I think that is wad they did.

Great video of her gyrating to the music here

Number 17 and 18 were 2 of the sexier of the contestants due to their small frames and ample boobs for their frame size.

17 was the character whom had her now famous feather shash which she did a few sexy poses for the photo hungry men.

18 was a sexy gal with a uniqe name, whom wore yet another open back apron top. Though her moves where sexy, she had her hair covering her face most of the time that not many paid attention to her.

Back to 17, this time she choose a show gal bikini top to show case her racks (she had big racks) but as uaul she had only a very average face that wouuld ensure her not going into the final 3.

Check their moves out here and here

Lastly we have Mr powers(meaty torso but dare to strip down to his underwear) and the tranny. Again mr power was donning a robe when he was on bar topside, slowly he gyrated to the music and did his little strip tease act. he was down to his glitery tight shorts by the 1st min in the the dance. As usual he played ard with his shorts well in to the dance but this time, he completely took it off to show his golden underwear. Later on he took 2 candles and dripped wax on himself ala tiger show style. the tranny did her stuff but was more or less ignored due to the power show going on next to her. She too burst out in her top for a desperate attempt to beat her competitor by showing wad lil boobs she had. I could have sworn she had bigger ones last week, I guess she forgot to take 1 injection or 2.

No stills for these 2 but this video instead

The results were not too stunning, 3rd place went to the stripper Mr powers whom worn by dripping wax on his body. the 2nd place went to Samantha de cruz, I guess she won becoz of her cool name, as I could not find a reason of her not so outstanding performance that she shld be in that spot. The winner, was a gal who donned a cowboy hat, a white shirt top tied at teh bottom, and tight jeans shorts. she had golden wavy lockes and big eyes almost reminding you of Jamie Yeo of perfect 10. Iu heard to win, she took a jug of ise water and poured it on herself during the performance, wetting teh white top to let the men orgal at her black satin bra. So in short, to win, you got to either drip wax on your body in front of a crowd, have a name that is in reminiscse of an actress or pour water all over your succulent body for men to drool over.

Thursday, June 17, 2004

SPS ( Small Penis Syndrome )

Ok I take my word back that only men have thi scondition exlcusively. Yesterday I went to Broadcast asia to look ard at new broadcasting technologies. Also at the event some big handphone manufacturers had booths to show case their lastest in handphone technology. I was at the samsung booth where by most of teh gals there were nice and friendly, answering all teh questions they can at best. Though most would not kno wmuch of the product since they are hired help to be vases in the show.

Then in the crowd of lovely gals, there wa sone such gal that really pissed me off with her attitude. Wad happened was when we looked at a new model of phones that was about to launch, my friend whom wanted to get a new one soon, asked about teh camera in teh phone. Whether it has a night vision function or so. Then the gal attending to us has no idea and she asked her colleague. The colleague replied no, and even if it had, it would not be good for taking photos in nite spots.

I remarked that she was a clubber, she turned ard and snapped back saying, 'no I am not a clubber' and carried on saying ' I used to be a BARMAID' like its some prestigous thing. I had teh WTF look on my face in my mind I did not aunderstand why she had to tell us that detail. As though she had to say that she is no ordinary clubber and a elite barmaid of some kind. i mean is barmaid that prestigious? in my mind I think barmaids are more like bar whores and here this bitch is giving us a heads down on her previous job. Obviously she has SPS and must one up on wadever you say. Just like most men suffering form the same condition.

Now I am convinced that this condition is indeed infectious, esp when gals get fucked by men suffering form it and it is passed on like STD or something like that. Maybe its passed thru just by being in teh presence of such ppl. Its worst than SARS I tell you!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

The day that everyone else seems to be pissed or want to piss me off

*CRACK* goes my fingers as I crackle them to get ready to pund on them furiously. I can almost hear the pleas from my keys on my keyboard begging me to not take it out on them. MUAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAH I am going to pound you to an oblivion. Ok I am pissed, if you have not got it till now. Why am I pissed you ask? Its very simple. Just when I thought that the singaporean man can not surprise me more with their SPS ( small penis syndrome ) some asshole on the IRC goes and prove me wrong.

Ok this is wad happened, I was on a channel with a different nick ( something I dun do for ages ) and I came across a familiar nick, SummerGal, so i tot to chat with her on the mains of that said channel. Knowing that she would not regconize me due to the nick, nor did I want to revert to my own nick. i decide to still msg her on the mains as she blocks all her pte msgs due to the channel she is in ( go figure ). My msg was simple, I just said that she is not as friendly as she was 3 yrs ago ( hint that I know her that long ) coz earlier I said hi to her and she did not respone to me.

The comes this asshole by the nick of Lucent, whom felt that his penis was threatened when I was toking to summergal on teh mains had to spew shit form his mouth and started to insult me. Saying that she choose not to respond to me coz I used to be yandao and now am not. I mean wad the fuck is his problem. Ok I am more mild mannered and tot that the guy has a dick up his ass at that time so i let it slide and ignored his pot shots directed to me.

This guy really hates to be ignored, I con't my convo with SummerGal and this 'Lucent' charater kept attacking me with no ryhme or reason. I mean, did I kill his mother sometime ago? Maybe I raped his sister? Wad the FUCK is wrong with this lil prick that I am sure has yet to have hair fully budded out of his penis. He started saying things like how I was lame in trying to get attention in teh channel, which obviously was wad he was doing. I was only trying to tok to a friend I knew 3 yrs ago. These SPS really piss me off. I just told him to grow up and had no time for ppl with small pricks. I logged off as I hate conflicts.

SO I tot well maybe its not my nit in IRC. I turned to msn as usually these are your friends, I notice a new friend that I got to know a while back was online and msged her. I have no idea wad her problem was but she replied in a not so friendly manner. SO i tot to just show my concern as a friend and asked if she was ok. Her reply was rather sarcastic as though I raped her and left her in the lurch. I have not even met her and she was giving me such attitude. I told her off by saying that if she was not in a good mood just say so, and dun direct her hostilities at me. Well needless to say the conversation did not end well and I ended up telling her that since she felt so hostile towards me for gawd knows wad reason, we shld not contact each other anymore. I removed her contact from my list shortly.

Felling like nothing was going rite, at least I foung lexelle on msn whom had just finished tidying up her place and let me a listening ear. Boy I sure appreciate that. She has been a friend to me for at least 3 or more year. One of the few ppl i can call my friend for more than 3 yrs. I guess the problem really could be me, as I have no other friends that have lasted since my sec sch days.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Things that crossed my mind

Last nite as I went to collect my pet form the vet after her surgery of stiching her up from the gash she had from fighting with the other rabbit. I saw 2 very slim, ah lian like, 'chio' gals. Ok it sound very ah beng eh? Anyway, these 2 gals seemed to look very like the sisters of kiboo, my 'mei mei' from aussie. Though I had never met them, but kiboo had shown me their photos b4, and those 2 gals looked exactly like them.

Well as usual I just waited like a stone statue for my pet, but I could not help noticeing that the younger one ( one with big eyes and cute face ) looked at my a bit. Maybe its my imagination that a beauty like her is taking notice of me, or maybe she was looking at teh huge dog behind me, either way, she was mighty cute. A bit thin but mighty cute. The only thing that was a down side was both these gals smoked, at that moment I realized that it could not be kiboo's sisters, as I doubt they smoke, and her younger sister is supposely to be only 16.

Other stuff that crossed my mind today.... well I read a few friends blogs and wondered, it would seemed that all the ppl whom used to be very free to meet up, once got attached drifted away in their own lives. Kind of makes you wonder if these ppl got to know each other in the 1st place for one goal only. Long gone are the days where ppl met up to tok kok. The forums where I used to go is like a desert and only the scavangers are left, picking on all teh bones of those whom stubbornly stay in that domain.

Its sad to see a group of ppl whom have know each other for some time drift away, i guess in my life no firendship last. Anyway I kinda of got used to it since secondary sch, i always drifted from one grp of ppl to the next. I think the problem shld be me, as I am the only one that drifts to the next grp and the next grp. Maybe my standards for friends are just too high. Maybe my own defenses are just too high and thus in term, repells ppl. Oh well, I live my life for myself and not others.

Monday, June 14, 2004

My Pets are fighting again

Over the weekend I had to yet again seperate teh 2 holland lob eared rabbits. One of the females decided to get dominant again and mounted the other. I guess no one likes to be mounted, and she decided to bite her back.

The results were a nasty gash near her crouch area. She is bleeding and still naughty as hell. I think I would need to neuter her to stop her from mounting teh other one. I sent her to thevet and it would require sticting up and set me back $210. Oh well now I know where all my money has gone.

Not much happening for me this weekend. Aside from my usual flying over the weekend, it was rather boring weekend. short blog from me this time.

Friday, June 11, 2004

Of Bar Tops and Bar Maids Part II

Here it is another installment of our lusty bar top report on wild gyrations and hip thrusting youngsters taht strut their stuff on a narrow platform called the bar top! Last nite was the second heats of the 1st bar top competition whereby a young hip thrusting, ass shaking, belly gyrating individual may win a trip for 2 to hong kong and prizes worth 10K( yes 10K of singapura simolian ) To say that the competition was fierce is an understatement, The moment when the 1st 2 contestants got up to the bar to strut ( more like gyrate ) their stuff ( read as asses ) the cohensive thought came to all our minds, 'Now this is Bar Top Dancing'. Compared to the flop of contestants we had last wee at china bar, those present this nite were all better than even those who went into the finals already during teh 1st heats.

I was surprised at how much difference it was with the contestants last nite and those of a week ago. Any of these contestants would put those last week to shame. Well I think the 1st 10 finalist sort of have that prepared in their minds, as I spoted all of them there chking the competition out. It was an unbeleivable nite that turned bar top dancing into more of a strip tease joint, ony thing that lacked were men going up to the dancers to shove 10 dollar bills into their skimpy outfits. Well my friend and I were tempted to do that as more of teh contestants resorted to stripping more than dancing. Though their moves were of coz still better than those at last week's event.

We have all types of competitors, the 1st contestant wore a white halter top that left little to imagine and showed more flesh on the top side than needed. She gyrated really well and of coz attracted the attention of many. I was tempted to go up to her to buy her a drink, obviously she made it to the finals. Next there was this guy that had the nerve to 1st bare his top showing a more than meaty torso. But he did move that torso to the tune more like a mR universe competition and ended it by showing his butt crack and G string under his pants like a rendition of 'Are you Hot or Not' competition. Though he advanced into the finals, I cannot help but trying to burn that image off his G string out of my mind.

Then we have the bikini gals. Well the 1st ne with a tiny shorts and bikin top ( both black ) caught my friends eye and he was like drooling at her image. I felt her dance was very like an ah lian, but since she dared to show more flesh, I was sure she would qualify, I was not disappointed. The second was one with a name that was hard to forget, Samantha De Cruz ( relatives of Andrea De cruz? ) well she look like her relative anyway. She started with a mini trench coat covering her all, and burst out the coat to a sparklin bikini top with a skirt that was short enuff to make guys wana stoop lower to see her undies. Sadly it was hard to see anything in those light conditions ( beleive me I tried ). No prizes for guessing she advanced. Sadly there was this other show gal whom wore a all glitery bikni skirt combo showing her black underpants that did not make it. I guess Sam out shone her.

Then there was this tall babe ( or so it seems ) in a white top and black short skirt and tranlucent undies, I swear I saw some pussy last nite. I tell you I swear it on my friends head. He was baffled when I told him I saw pussy. He was like 'where , where?' i noticed at her crouch was a black patch like her pubes and when she did the bedn down thingy with her ass in the air and pointing towards me, it looked like her pussy was staring me blankly. I remitted the findings to Shervon adn lexelle, and they told me that its a tranny. I was like no shit, then shervon pointed her adam's apple to me, I was amozed how lady like her pussy looked. Oh btw, she burst out from her white top into black leotard top in mid of dancing. No prizes for guessing that 'she' made it to the next round.

Last to be mentioned is this gal that wore a suzie wong outfit with her real surname as wong too. She donned one of those fluffy feathery shashs that the old school show gals took to when they performed on stage. Her moves were sensual and her fore play with teh feathered shash was complete, even with a throw it in the air finale. This women have good sized boobs and an ass that could make any guy cum if she turned profession to lap top dancer. Only thing that was left to be desire was her face, with only a above average face, she did not shine in that department. She too advanced to the next round.

There were more contestants that shld have been mentioned, but since they did not make it to the next round, I shall not waste disk space. If only they went for the last competition last week, they would have stood a much better chance of getting in. It was a better nite fo rthe dancers but a less fun nite for us, as we did not have our chill out tok and jokes liek that last time. No gal gave a hoot about me nor my friend and the barmaids were not pretty this time. Most likely I will be there at the finals next week and you will get to read part III of this series.

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Attraction of Men and Women

Well ever wonder why some ppl are just attracted to others simple by being in there presence? Wad did I hear you say? Nonsense you say? There is no such thing? Well after watching a Discovery episode about human attraction and the scientific ways they deducted their findings, I am pretty impressed with some of the things that explains why you fall for certain ppl even when you dun know them.

For instance, do you know that men and women prefer more symetrical faces than those with differences from their left and rite side of their faces. It showed that even those popular movie stars have very symetrical faces. So if you want ppl to notice you more, make sure that your left and rite do not have too obvious difference else someone whom you are attracted to may pass you over.

Then there is this fact that its not about how fat or big size or slim a gal is that matters to men. Its actually the waist to hip ratio of a gal that counts. wad i mean is that the waist must be smaller than the hips. even for bigger sized gals, as long as the waist is smaller than the hip by a large margin, men will still look at you. I guess its quite true, I too have been caught looking at plump gals, and noticed that I only look at those with curvy and large waist to hip ratios. Also, if a women is to increase her hip to waist ratio she will be deemed more attractive. This is believed that a women with larger hip to waist ratio are more fertile.

Women on the other hand, are controlled by their ovalation and the smells that men produce. Thus when a women is ovalating she tends to be attracted to men with more masculine features and this attraction seems to overides all previous preferences for a mate. Maybe this is why women also act on impulses and have one nite stands.

I guess science ave proven that men look for outer beauty more than women do, an dmaybe thats why men tend to stray when they see prettier gals, or at least men tend to look at gals more than women looking at men. Since men are driven by physical urges more an dwomen by urges that are unseen.

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Its Ladies Nite!!!

Oh great its wednesday, the brunt of wild ladies and sexy gals will all horde down to the various pubs bar and such to engage in the event called ladies nite, where gals get free booze and go into exclusive places for free. Good idea you will think, you get more women drinking free booze equals more women willing to give free sex in their intoxicated state.

WRONG, you wun be having free sex from some unknown wild babe that is highly intoxicated and free 'ass' to grad as they say. Wad you will get wold be maybe seeing some silly gal whom cannot even remember her father's name by the time you get to her, can't even tell if your her friend or the local morturer and basically giglling like a damn fool.

Worst is that this 'wild babe' will try to engage in silly tok as she cannot even think straight, you try to humour her in thinking that you can grab her ass for free, and maybe even score with her. The next thing you know when you are helping her up your car, she throws up all over that luxurious ride of yours. Now now, and you say that its free sex, think of the cleaning bill to get that shit off your car?

Also you got to put it to the ppl whom though up this 'ladies nite' idea, wad are they thinking, though women can drink much less that men before getting intoxicated, still free booze is gong to burn a hole in your pocket, even if you got deep pockets. Face it, you think that you going to make any money by givin away free booze? Yeah I know, someone says that teh men that comes to these places pay for the expenses. Wad if some of these men just comes and pays for cover, gets a boozed out babe and leaves? I doubt that they want to hang ard much and pay more, esp when its filled with babes that have knocked themselves out by drinking away the free booze. MOst will just come pick a hot intoxicated chick, rbing her out and bang her away(vomit and all).

Well the other bad thing that might happen is that these chicks, when they wake up in the morning next to you, may even cry rape, at that point I dun think they will look hot anymore. Anyway its a free country, do anything you like but dun get caught. With a mentality like that I am sure singaporeans will get along fine in future. Oh btw the STD and AIDS are complimentry :)

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Why do singaporean men Drive like assholes when they got a Babe(somewhat) at their side?

Yesterday as I was on my way home after an uneventful nite form an uneventful place, I was drivin as per normal until I reached one intersection whereby I was forced to go to teh worng lane. so I thought to myself that maybe I try to get off the green light faster than the car on my left and i shld be able to get into his lane in front of him.

A simple plan, but the only thing is that the driver of teh MPV next to me, had a Babe(somewhat, taste may differ with others) So he seeing that I was trying to out accelerate him, also gunned his 1.8 MPV, I guess it was some macho shit that he had to prove to his babe and the fact that I am only a P plate. Both our cars left the rest of the traffic in our dust. And I was off in a race with this MPV gu whom wants to prove his penis(read as ego) is bigger than mine.

Of coz I was pissed as all I wanted to do was to get home. So in an ala 'fast and furious' fashion, we took the stretch of road towards the pie as some sort of indy 500. The thing was that I did not want to prove anything, but everytime I let go a bit thinking that I got nothing to prove, he stop going that fast and when I approach him slightly he started to gun his engine again. Talk about serious problems....

Well on the PIE I was on my way home I saw that same MPV in fornt of me and he changed to teh rite lane and was in the 2nd lan to the left. So I thought of just going home, as my car approached his he started his nonsense again. Too bad he choose a lane that had some road works going on, he had to slow down and watch my 1 finger salute as I pass him by. That was the end of that ego match I guess.

Later when I reached an intersection near my place. I was along side this toyota, and there of coz was another babe(somewhat again) at the driver's side. I tot nothing is going to happen, and was really wanting to get home. So I moved off on green my usual fast manner when no traffic was ard and this guy in teh toyota, felt that his penis(read as ego) was also at stake.....WTF. He gunned his engine and went ahead of me in his lane....I was left in amazement and wondered if all singaporean men had to do that to make their passenger cum in theri seats to get some sex from them. I have no idea where all these 'men' with small penises come from. Come on I was only tying to make my way home. I have no intention of drivin better(or faster) than you to bed your babe(somewhat ok).

Now I know why a lot of ppl complained that singapore men can't make it. They got small penis complex, petty and miserly(well maybe very generous to babes they want to bed). Its times like these that make me feel ashame to be called a singapore man.

Monday, June 07, 2004

Meat Market is open

Ok I think I am a bit late on this entry, but I Dun update this on the weekends so sue me. As you have realised that the anual meat market jst came and went by, yes i am talking about the Miss Universe pageant. Where lese do you have such exclusive meats hanging ard in little less than underwear(read as binkinis) in a freezing auditorium showing off their tender pieces like is on sale, esp when they are trying to promote something like 'world peace'. Very Ironic I must say.

Well as usual Singapore went out as swiftly as it came in, not even choosen for the next round, she was tossed out like garabage, well only 15 mad eit anyway and looking at Singapore's Sandy Chua, I guess the competition was no where in her league. I must say that thi sis the 1st I heard of an engineering student to be able to get this title. Makes me wonder where are all those business and arts bitches and sluts that I see so often sashaying ard and showin a lot more meat than a miss universe pagent. Makes you wonder why none of them made it or tried being Miss Singapore? Maybe the perks are not to enticing? Maybe they are too 'ah lianish' to enter that pageant.

Well I of course after flippin on my back pukin, after seeing the national dress for Miss singapore, Gave up watchin the blasted show and decided to leave it as that, Its just a glorified meat market I guess, what does a miss universe do anyway? Anyway if there was a universal pageat and aliens are involved, I wonder if Miss Universe Earth will be as attractive as wad ailens perceive to be beautiful. Maybe 4 eys 2 mouths and fat is perceived as beauty by then? Will the earthlings change their culture of slim is beautiful? I know I am crappin here anyway.

Then there is this issue about slim being beautiful to everyone one earth now. I guess all the ads we see on teh tele are getting to us. All the slim volumptious babes with their tiny waist and huge boobies, are tellin all the gals to be like that? Which reminds me of this article on TNP about women that enlarged their boobies do not have an advantage getting a job. Of coz it doe snot, which part of your brain is connected to yoru boobs that defines boob size equals to ability to do a job. If you cannot fullfil the role given, of coz no one will employ you.

Thats all the crap i have for now, teh meat market is now closed.....

Friday, June 04, 2004

Of Bar Tops and Bar Maids

Ok you guys must be thinking I am going to be writing about my lusty desires of barmaids at bars, well, you cannot be more wrong. Last nite I had the pleasure(displeasure) of watching one of teh 1st bar top dancing competitions in Singapore, looky here... squeaky clean Singapore is getting sleazier by teh minute.

I guess they are serious about this creative singaporean shit. Anyway, i was down to hope to catch lost of boobies and maybe some panty. The 1st few contestants wore tight bikini type tops and stick on tight pants. Strut their stuf gyrated their bobies, but me and a few friends felt that something was amiss. The dancing was more of teh normal dancing but on top of the so called bar, which was only 3 foot off the ground. Not enuff height to see some panty action and too much height to reach these 'ah lian' dancers.

Then came some malay competitors, well you know how it goes when they take part, they get real creative and daring, well i was not to be disappointed, my friend(lets call her mammy) was like telling me that the 1st one had even came down with some sort of costume. She roved the whole bar as she strut her stuff, only complain there is that if only she was pretty. The second malay contestant wore a skirt so short and bent and gyrated on the bar top left nothing to imagination when she flashed her pink undies. Panty finally I though. Later on another contestant with a skirt came on, she was a cute chinese gal with a hint of eurasian look. Too bad she wore black underskirt pants and did not show much. You got to hand it to those malays, they do know how to turn up the heat at a party.

We had a guess appearance from a certain phoenix that caught us by surprise(well 10K worth of prizes was bound to lure everyone out) Towards teh end, another contestant with a dress came up, but manage to only shyly danced a bit as she did not want to show off her white underskirt pants. During the wait for teh results, some patrons took to the music and went up the bar top to do their jiggy with it. One gal with a mini flare skirt toook up center stage as she banged her hips like she was in some sexual concoctation and showed a little more than her moves, lets say we now call her white panty.

Overall the nite was not wasted as i got to see some half cups/three quater cups and a bit more panty than expected. There was also this gal in a floral tube top and flare skirt sitting at the back table whom gave me some weird mixed signals like she knew me or something, maybe some one i bedded and forgotten about? Who knows, but she did look cute at that moment. The results had some upturns and some non surprises, like both the malay gals I mentioned qualify for the finals. 2 guys whom one looked gay went in. Our GOH did not make it though gave a flamboient display. I felt wanted though not confrim for the 1st time in a long time( I guess its the car keys)

Lastly I caught my yandao guy friend staring at one of the 2 barmaids that went ard promoting the tequila rose and she was loooking back at him. He of coz denied staring at her and when I said out loud to him to quit staring and go up to her, she blush and looked away(yes I am a spoiler). Maybe I might actually get away witha few names and numbers if I tried? well I guess we will never know, co z I dun go up to gals, I let them come to me.

Thursday, June 03, 2004

The luckiest person......

Yup its finally proven.... I am the luckiest person on this earth...NOT!!!! On contray I am teh total opposite. Well you guys heard about my car, the one that was humped form behind by a matrix on steroids after 5 days I got it. Well luck has it that yesterday when I went to taka and was parking my car on the seveth floor, which was being renovated for no reason, had to pick up a nail in the tire. I drove to work not knowing about it, then at lunch time when I usually go and take a look at my lil beauty, b4 lunch wad do I find???? A flat tire on the front driver side.


ok a lil mellow dramtic I know... but why, of all ppl, of all cars, or of all tires must that huge screw fiond its way embedded into my tire? I must find out if my other tires are affected, if so, I think only one other thing could be amisdt form this ordeal, and that is soem one actually hates me enuff to sabotage me....GO FIGURE!!( that must be like half of singapore ) Maybe its one of my 40 or so ex gfs... maybe its someone I snatched a gal from b4.... I think its just my luck. Oh well that explains why I have not been laid lately(its been a yr or so).

Well the good thing is that being a newbie at owning a car., I had to resort to 'The Dad' to get me out of this, he brought with him the ultimate mobile pump that is powered by plugging into the cigeratte lighter slot in the car. Ten minutes into it and the tire is all inflated. Then he brought me down to the tire shop and the guy there took less than 10 mins and fixed it. It only cost me 5 bucks. A 5 buck fix that cozed all this pain. Oh well now I am a little less naive about such things.

Wild Ramblings of a Man

Yeah finally I got off my lazy ass to create this account, well actually iof it was not to post a silly comment on a certain someone's blog, I guess I would never have even create this. Still in the past few months? years? decades? I have been telling myself to get a freaking blog,LJ,wadever and log on your daily dos and duns, well mainly duns, things that I knew I shld not have dun but still did in spite knowing all the repercussions.

The problem lies now is, wad to say..... anyway who gives a hoot to wad a 'Naive' Guy has to say and to all you ppl sniggering to 'Is there such a thing as a NaiveGuy questions' save it, just that you hav enot met one does not mean that there is none. Anyway, 'naive' or not, you will soon find out I may be more destructive than I seem :D

Well I have been worn down recently with my war on assholes, well certain ppl that made my life difficult when I had to repair my car becoz some asshole decide that his car needed to mate, and rear end me in the ass of my car when I was stationary. Though the repairs are done, I have yet to receive my said compensation. Well thats wad this world depicts as men.... wads a man without money they say. Oh well, I shan't debate that point yet.

Well its a short week for everyone anyway, till it becomes long like next week, I shall keep this 1st entry of mine pest free(read as whine free to some ppl)