Monday, February 28, 2005

New plane and big smiles

On approach to the scorched lands of Mordor (Marina south) where there were large patches of blacked ground all ard the place i used to fly. i could not help but to remember the reports of bush fires that were happening in sillypore. Waiting already was a friend of mine, with his car in teh middle of the field.

Drizzle of rain came down and sort of dampening our spirits. He still flew his plane as usal for the little rain is not going to to deprive him of his fun. i was not going to fly my new plane in this weather thus I brought an older plane (one of my 1st planes that I flew) got her ready and chucked her in the air.

The flight was boring and soon I had to bring her down to land. On final approach I got lazy and decided to land on the rocks as I was too lazy to abort and got for a second run for the field to get a proper landing. on touching the hard rocks the fuselage broke in 2, cockpit went flying inthe air pilot and all, as though mashimaru decide to hit the ejector seat.

The rest of us had a good laff at wad had transpired. Trying to put the plane together with some quick glue seems to be in vain. As the plane is almost 3 yrs old, the foam is rather brittle now. Thus while playing with mashimaru, lil miss whiny tried to put the cockpit back in to the plane and with her tyrannosaurus strength, she broke the plane in 2 agian. Knowing that it seems to be the time to retire the old gal, I remove all her equipment and let her float off to plane haven.

The clouds moved aside but the day was still grey ( from all that haze) Time to bring out the new plane. An electra Jet with covering that made it look like thunder birds. Prep her ready, all the rest awaited to see how it flew. Chucked her in the air with power to find herflying in a sort of weird manner like it was slight tail heavy. Was wondering if history was about to repeat with her like wad happened to the SU.

Trimed her down and got her to fly somewat properly, she seem to be a better flier than the SU. Took her down for a flawless landing and readjust the motor mount as the thrust line may be the felon that cause teh nose to pitch up too much during flight. Second throw, she went straight and glied into teh ground. No damage there. Just a bruised ego. Third throw, after eleron adjustments, she dipped as I rammed power into her and try to pull up and she floated up.

Flew a few circuits into her and soon wide smiles were seen on my face. Its a good feeling to have a new plane fly so well, esp after you lost a plane a few weeks b4 that. Well now i got a new favourite plane, its also my 1st pusher that I fly successfully with no evnts. Though I lost another plane, and there is one empty space in my hanger now, I wonder wad i would put there to replace it. Maybe I shall wait of a new one that is on its way, or maybe i would get one of those $200+ planes that I have been lusting for.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

After Thoughts

After reading a blog from somewhere, it dawned on me that there are a lot of shallow ppl out there, be it dating guys because they have material things (drives a car, etc) or dating women with big boobs, its all considered being shallow. What happened to the time when ppl believed in true love an dthey can just eat air to survive?

Then on the same article I read, it dawned on me that this writer is actually a very mean person whom is insercure about herself and yet blames it on teh rest of teh world. I guess many ppl are like that. They feel that for some reason their misfortune is never their own fault, thus they look for reasons to blame other things, be it the sky, the earth, the sun, the moon. You get teh picture? Have they ever thought that why they are in that pit so deep was their own doing and they were the ones whom dug teh pit to begin with?

Even if some of them realize that they re flawwed, it does not do much unless they know that they have to correct or at least try to improve on those areas. Its like they know that their character sux, but they expect the world to change to suit them and not to change a bit. I guess its only fair that the world change a bit to accomadate you but you must change a fair lot more to accomadate the world rite?

In the end I felt that I was reading a fairly fake blog which is laced with hypocrisy and yet a few articles away, she was condemn some ppl for being hypocritical. One shld learn to look at one self before judging others, well I dun beleive in judging anyway. Though I do it subconciously, I try not to, I am human after all.

Its funny that I even read this blog at all, since there are a lot of things that I do not agree with the reader, nor am i an avid fan at all. In fact given a choice I guess I would not even want to meet this person in real at all, no matter how tame ppl have reported her to be in real. Yet I find that after reading the after thoughts of this person and seeing how different she is in real I guess I cannot help to wonder which is the real her. The blog her or the one ppl meet in real?

On a side note, last nite I have a faint attack. Its been a long time since I had one of these episodes. In the past when I was younger I used to have them and they seemed to be stressed induced. I would get breathless and then mind goes blank, eyes go blurry and then i colapse on the floor. Many a times at some desolated place an dppl just walk by. Last nite I guess due the lack of 2 proper meals and teh running I did, I felt so weak that I just wanted to lay down and not get up. Being in nus, i wondered how many would walk past without even bothering.

I just lay on a bench resting, when I finally got up I found a weird bite on my arm that is not itchy nor painful, but it looked like there was bleeding under the skin and looked a bit red. The patch is ard 10mm thick. Maybe some radiated insect bit me a dI might turn into some form of super hero ala spiderman style. Like 'Flyman', 'Mosquito Man' or maybe 'AntMan' real cheesy I know. Arm feels weird in a numb sort of way though but the numbness is real slight.

~ We are so polite when a stranger steps on our toes and we flare up at a love one that did something trivial to disappoint us, isn't that sad that we cannot show them the same grace we give the stranger? ~

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Rude ppl at hawker centres

I went to eat something different at the lor 5 hawker centre last nite with my gal, when I arrived back at the table after ordering food, I noticed to other ppl were sitting at the table. I thought nothing about it. Thus just calmly sat down and lay teh food infront of us. Later gal gal told me that these two idiots just sat down without asking if the seats were taken. Even worst is that they sat rite next to her and she had to move a seat.

WTF is wrong with these morons? as though sitting down at a table without asking is not bad enuff, they had teh cheek to just plop down next to my gal. The guy was obnoxious and teh gal is a bitch raving about the lottery she had won. I told gal gal that is all karma, something bad will befall them. Also the 2 idiots were toking so loud and were irritating the both of us and prvented us from really enjoying wad should have been a quiet dinner.

Then the guy was like stating that he wanted to change his car, a toyota he said....later saying he was looking at the altis. Look dumb ass not rich dun act rich ok ? can? If you want to act rich at least buy a car that is costly, not some cheap thailand built car for its brand name. Its like buying prada from china.

I haate posers like that, think they are all that rich tok in a rich ang moh accent, but when you strike toto for a few hundred bucks, gets all excited and announces to the whole world that you struck, oh that shows how rich you are dumbass. Lil miss whiny was thoroughly annoyed by this dumb bitch raving about the toto she won to the aunties there and did not even know wad to do , i.e. write nirc at the back of ticket. Shows that this is the 1st time she struck lottery at all. Wad is it you spent? $1000-$2000 on tix so far? Wow a few hundred bucks really broke even hor?(sarcasm)

On another note, spent more time fixing the bloodly piece of shit of a pc. I swear tio gawd that it has a life of its own. Its still not working teh way I want it. It has this weird error when it boots up, and my OS is in F drive and other HD is G drive...WTF. DAMN YOU MICROSOFT *cock slaps bill gates* I will attempt to redo it again now that I am more familiar with wad to do with this piece of shit. I thinkI will format G drive too justto make sure all the pesky viruses are gone.

Monday, February 14, 2005

Valentine's day @ NUS

Lunch was bad...real bad. I had no idea my my brain decided to try a new stall. It was teh type of bad that tasted like uncooked soya sauce, rice and long cooked chiken cubes that were fried to hard and left too long. It lasted weird, well down rite disgusting. But aside form this, I mad eis observation while I was in teh arts and social science canteen. the dek ( which I think is a stupid name came up by stupid ppl)

The observation I made was that today, being valentines day every single arts gal ( i have only seen this fac so far) is wearing either an extra short sjirt, a extra low top they can squeeze their boobs in or a combination of both, accompanied by maek up of some sort in teh range of medium to thick. Dumb bitches parading in their short attire, with bouqets of overpriced flowers in their arms, trying to show the world that some dumb ass has gave her flowers.

Even in the LT I saw some of these dumb bitches properly displaying their articles of affections on teh tables next to them. I decided to use teh camera and spy of wad writings n these cards. Sadly to say that almost all teh flowers were sent by friends....awwwwww you poor bitch. I dun get it, why do they wear like whores in geylang trying to hook guys or at least get the most number of dumb guys to get them flowers on this dumb day which teh flower shops profit from it extensively.

Do any of these dumb bitches think they by parading themselves these way in light of everyone promote them as a good bed companion? sadly it will just show how easy/cheap/slutty they are. Mot of them will return to a cold bed by teh stroke of midnite tonite. Alas only a few will have their coverted valentine's day sex. Btw isn;t valentine's day supposed to be about this guy's love for some dumb bitch while he was executed or something? Real romantic to get your head cut off I say.

Well the irony is that most ppl whom will not be really celebrating this dumb day will be having sex like any normal day tonite. So eat your hearts out you dumb bitches.ever wonder why a rose that cost you 90cents any other day cost you 9 bucks today? Like its that romantic to buy overly priced flowers. I think why not save that money to get her something she wants like a watch, cd player, ipod, etc....

Ppl whom beleive in valentine's day are really shallow, if it is true love, shld not one feel the same way everyday? I think its just all bullshit taht ppl think that its special to give gifts on this one day. Why not try giving gifts everyday then? Also good lucky in tryingto find a placeto eat at some fine resturant, chances are they are fully booked while I enjoy a good carrot cake tonite.

Woe is me part 2

It seems that my luck has not changed and to add on to my misfortune the following happened.

1) I crashed my newest plane so hard that not only was it in many pieces, I might have even damaged the $100 battrey in it. The plane is resting in pieces now.

2) my pc decided to kill itself again and did not want to start up at all. This made me very angry and had to reinstall the whole windows again. After reinstalling, it is still not working rite, as the wireless card is not workin at all.

It might seem that maybe becoz my bunk was haunted that something of the thirdkind has passed its luck on me....DAMN YOU STUPID SPIRITS *cast exorcism spell on it* GET TEH FUCK OUT OF MY LIFE IF YOU ARE LEECHING ON MY LUCK

As though my life is not bad enuff, things seem to have turned for the worst since i got back from reservist, not a single day went by smoothly. to add on to my misery, I have this fucked up colleague of mine whom is utterly selfish and thinks he is the biggest entity in my dept. YEt he is teh most junior one. He is true the biggest entity in my dept (physically) with an equally big ego to boot. tok about ugly on the outside and ugly on the inside.

Wad he did was to take home the key I needed for this mornings lecture and when I sms him about it, he said in a nonchalant way, 'you can get it form me at 950 or get it from the eng ava' WTF....he comes to work at 950???!!! and wants me to go find him to get it?? shld he not pass it to me since he was the selfish bastard that took the key home cause he did not want to return it on sat?!!! These malaysian PR CheeByes are really getting on my nerves. Is it me or do all teh malaysian chinese I encounter have this attitude that they cannot loose out at all?

If I had my way i would have sent a nuke to their country leveling everything, well of course that would wipe of singapore too.. oh fuck wat the hell.... lets just nuke everyone and be done with it.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Woe is Me

As you have noticed I wrote this orginal entry and blogger decided to loose all my content of this blog and thus I have to re typed it. I was saying that yesterday felt like the whole world was against me. why I say so? this is why ...

1) When I got back from a week long of reservist, my colleague told me that a certain lecture that I webcasted a week before that had audio problems and wanted it re-encoded. the thing is that the tape has already been recycled.

2) The carpark at work decided that me paying for season parking is not enuff and decided to make me pay at the gantry another $1.92. I am a freaking season parking holder for a few months for gawds sake.

3) as i wanted to replace a blown headlight light bulb in my car ( to no avail ) I forgot to screw back teh water tight seal for teh electrical wiring that lead to the the lights and drove off. The cover fell into the engine compartment that took me 20 mins to retrieve.

4) I was late for a letcure due to No. 3 and had to rush to teh lecture room.

5) the pron I borrowed from my friend consisted of aunties form teh late 70s...infact all the disc look like they came from that era.

6) As I was disconnectingteh DVD player from teh power, i accidentally touched the video input of the VCR cause the lecture to loose 10 mins of the video and I did not realize till it was over.

7) some asshole squeezed his way in front of me in his van at teh slip lane which was wide enuff for only 1 car. He was pretty smug about it some more. I swear if I was not alone I would have beating him to a pulp with my steering wheel lock.

8) fucking blogger ate everything I typed andthus made me retype everything again.

Now you see was I am so pissed, its like everyone and everthing is out to get me. or someone up there just wants to make fun of me and watch me suffer * shakes fists at the sky *, why not just smite me, it will be quicker.

If not for my gal gal, who was trying so hard to calm me down and cheer me up, i guess I would have gotten out on the streets and killed someone. Thank you gal for trying so hard to make me feel better. Also on top of all these I got no less than 3 ulcers inmy mouth and a sore throat, seems like it is going to be a long chinese new year.


I just wrote sopmething long and Blogger decide to loose all of it unsaved....KNNBCCB

Monday, February 07, 2005

Back from reservist

Was in camp SAF for the pat week, as usual the SAF did an excellent job at wasting our time. We were told to go back there for a SAR21 conversion course, you know the singapore made assualt rifle which is heavier than the US counterpart and is not as user friendly as they advertise it to be. Aside from being heavier than teh M16 we are all so used to, it has a very weird placement of a safety switch that needs both hands to engage. Though the gun is a bit more accurate than the M16, it is not that much more accurate.

Aside from wasting my time, I did not et teh rest I was hoping to get, instead I feel more tired now. My bunk has these 5 gamblers that do not seem to like to sleep in the nite, and they will stay up thru out the nite to gamble and smoke. The rest of us have to endure that for a week. Coming back and finding out that I have to work on chinese new yr eve till 6pm, I am rather pissed, as I have yet to ckean my room windows, oh well I guess I will lock up my room when ppl come to visit me.

The thing is that the schedule is planned by my malay colleague, I sometimes feel that he seems to plan things smoothly for his malay counterparts and let the rest of us chinese to die. It feels unfair, but wad can I say rite? I am justa a small fry here.

V day is coming, though I do not celebrate it, due to the exorbant prices that all these blood suckers charge on that day, I am required to do something on that day. I guess a simple meal and show shld be ok on my wallet, well pay dy is only 4 days after that I guess. Then there is the question of wad i want for myself, I actually have nothing I want. I tend to get wad I want myself as they tend to be expensive.

Been spending lots of time over teh weekend with miss special whiney, watching SATC and other DVDs. The time just lazing on the floor and bed is also quite cute. But due to teh lack of sleep I had, I hae been doing a lot of sleeping. At least i got someone to hug when I slept.

Lastly a note to all those whom have no one for this V day, its only a day that is the same as any day, so why make it a appointment to spend it with someone, even if it meant anyone? Its so silly to see ppl broading their lack of love life during this time of teh month, if you are truely in love, then everyday should be a valentine's day.


Turns out that I do not have to work till 6pm tml, oh well good for me. BUT, I lost one of my nose pieces for my oakley sunglasses.....Why me... the stupid carpark at NUS decide t make me pay for parking in a season parking lot which I had already PAID for every feels like the world is hating me all over again.