Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I not Happy Part II

I not happy that they shoved me a session for work at 7pm last nite without telling me 1st
I not happy that I had to drive like F1 driver from harbour front back to school for the session
I not happy that my mother is calling me up to complain about not getting enuff money from the house
I not happy that my father is calling me up to complain about the attitude of my mum
I not happy that my home is breaking apart
I not happy that I have more saturday work to come
I not happy that I am not promoted
I not happy that I am taken for granted
I not happy that damn students are all dressed up today to 'dian'
I not happy with all the dumb bitchs totting their bouquets
I not happy with humans.....

Monday, February 13, 2006

They are popping all over the place....

Walking through school is hazardous, there are so many stalls popping up through the central walkway you might think they are some type of fungus. Its that timne of the year again and stalls selling all kind of novety items pop up like nobody's business.

What comes with stalls are even worst. Enthusiastic ppl pass(read as shoving) pamplets into you(or your face if you are short). I quickly wave my jedi hand and they seemed to be in my mind control and stop tryingto pass me wadever shit tehy want me to see.

All becoz Vday is tml, I wonder how many 'dumb blondes' going to parade ard with their bouquets tmml. I wonder how many guys are going to get laid tml. Oh well me, I will most likely be in the background as per normal. Maybe if something good happens, you will get a live report from me, from this school. Who knows, maybe another student going to do the 'ask lecturer to help propose' feat again. The feat that propelled our lil dept to the front page of ST.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Excuse me, but I thought this was a school not a whorehouse

Is it me or are the skirts in school getting shorter? I dun mind if they wore mini skirts, I dun mind if they wore micros minis when they club, but wearing skirts that are crotch level in school? WTF

I saw not 1 not 2, but 3 gurls showing me their under wear.

1st incident as I went to collect equipment for work I saw this gurl sitting on a bench at the bench tables outside an auditorium and I saw her cloth cladded pussy, ok to put it to layman's terms, I saw her crotch prt of teh underwear, I was just walking past her. Not even bending or even trying to see her underwear and it was staring back at me.

Then in a mid sized room, I was going to toilet and there was this student sitting at the back of the room, again she wore a mini up to her crotch and she was too showing me cloth cladded pussy, WTF. At the same time a gurl sitting near where I was was also exposing herself in the very same room. Since when did I wonder from a school to the red light district?

Its getting bad here, out of 10 gurls, 6 wear these micros that are six inch above their kness and almost at crotch level, the other 4, 2 are from china, 1 is a butch and the last simple cannot be bothered to dress up. The worst thing is, when the wind starts to blow, many of them hold on to their short skirts in case they get blown up. Why the fuck they bother since when they sit down, they show everyone their warez.

One day they going to come in bikinis.....one day.....

Anatonmy of a nite out

Was out on last friday nite at some Ang moh pick up bar, or a place where ang mohs go to for drinks. This is wad I heard among the friends I was with the whole nite.

Kan ni nah.........cheebai.........na buei cheebye.......cheebye lah......nah buei.....chow cheebye.....Kaninahbuchowcheebye......cheeeeeeeebai......nah buei cibai lah....cheeebye....kanninahhhhhh..........nah buei lah......cibai......nah buey chibai.......lanjiao lah....chow cheeeeeeeeeeeeeebai...........kanni nah lah.......kanini nah cibai.......cibai..........nah buey lah cibai.......

I dunknow abt you guys but me things the ppl I hang with love those few words and spew them like giving love advice to pimply teenagers whom write in to aunt agony. It was a great nite out and though I only wanted to stay up till 11pm for I hjave work at 9 am the next day, we actually stayed till 1 am.

As I said, great nite out, only thing is, dunch know why my ears only picked up all the expicits above throughout the whole nite.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Houston we have a problem

you would think that after 10 yrs or so of education will teach some people some things are at least leave some sort of evidence of an intelligence. No not the students here. Here is just one fine example of how dumb or future is and how doomed we all are.

Every year ard this time of the year, some 'smart' students will think of trying to make a profit for selling flowers for the upcoming valentine's day. The idea is pretty smart I must say, selling flowers to dumb ppl whom are willing to pay for a piece of evgetable for 1000% its normal price. that is like 900% profit you know.

Anyway back to the story, so every year they make some sort of flyer or A4 sized poster to paste ard the school to promote their sales of dead plants. To get these pasted they need to get an approved stamp on it and they do so. The thing is, the stamp states that the poster/flyer is meant for notice board ONLY. Every year i will find not 1but 2 stuck to the toilet wall above the urinal.

I dun think its me, coz since when did the toilet wall above the urinal in the gents become an offical school notice boards. Great we have breed idiots to lead idiots.