Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Lunch time musing

I have always suspected that students here are either bimotic, geeky and greedy. Today I overheard things that confirmed my suspicions.

Slutty looking bimbo

.......he works for sillypore power, very stable. also he drives a big black car, got brand one, no not a lexus, its one of those got brand one lor.....

....yeah a mazda, maybe a mazda 6....

.....the only problem is that although he is nice, he seems to be looking for a sister more than a gf, he treats me like a kid sister sometimes....

Look gal, face it, you are not interested inhim becoz he is 'nice' but becoz his car/wallet/assets/wadever is nice. It just makes the bimbo factor in you add ten folds when you talk that loud and where jeans that show ass crack.

Geeky looking guy

.....I show you magic, the 6 bucks is now a 10 bucks....... want back your 6 bucks, ok give me 10 bucks.....

Dude you want to see a magic show, come to my lil corner I will show you a close up view of my middle finger. Sheesh, and I tot ppl this loud shld have a lil bit of brains, he and his friend spoke like the classic jock and geek in an American high sch drama.

Sheesh and to think they are the future.....

Monday, September 26, 2005

Foreign talent....MY ASS

I have always wondered why we get so many foreign talents into sillypore? Is that the creativity levels from the populace of in bred(we have been called that since our pop is only 4 mil, thus we must have in bred with each other all teh time) ppl in this nation that is so low that we need to infuse it with so called foreign talents?

Less this post becomes a racist post, which by the way is not, I am not posting about a certain race , more like a certain trait that I seem to find in a certain nationality of ppl that are considered 'foreign talent' and out big brother had been dumping money to nurture such asshole bright minds.I will not be stating the grp of ppl I am toking about else they might slap a seditious charge at me b4 I can even have my own home with lil miss whiny.

No doubt that I thinkthat these ppl are bright. They may even have very high IQs, yet their EQ is very low. I can safely say that their EQ can be inversely propotionate to their IQs.

Just today when I am trying to get a table in teh canteen for lunch, there were 2 of them seated at a 2 man table. They had finished their meals and were happily toking. I stood close by to wait for their tablle, at 1st they seem like they wanted to move, but when they saw me standing there waiting, theymoved their trays back on the table and started to chat. If it was at any other time or place, it would be fine. But they were sitting at a staff corner that states that the seats were reserved for staff from 12 to 2pm.

I am not saying that these 2 individuals arenot staff, bbut I am saying that since there is a sign that states the reservation for staff, shld they not know that during this time of 12 to 2pm it would be very busy and thus other staffs or ppl for that fact need to find a table to sit and eat so that they can move on and go back to work? NOOooooo these morons were happily chatting in therir usual tua sia voices. NAH BEh

Then when I finally got a seat at another table that left after their meals, I went to make my order, for some reason there was another guy whom was from the same country as the 2 assholes, sranding behind me. After my order was taken and I await my food and while the person in front of me hadnot moved off yet, this asshole, started to push from behind me, thrusting his hand infront and made his oorder and shoved the money to the stall holder. He even got a tray and pushed past me putting it on teh counter. All this happened b4 I even got my food.

WTF is wrong with these assholes. Do they even kow teh meaning of courtesy? I got my food, glared at teh fucker and walked away. So then, does or big brother want more of its own ppl becoming as rude as these assholes since they like to attract them in hordes to sillypore? Then why all the BS abt courtesy and all.

I got back to my seat and the other 2 assholes were still chatting. These fuckers think a world of themselves, I was tempted to go up to one oiof teh more guai lan looking asshole and plant my fist squarely into his face. But I have to keep my job and thus I digress. Not surprisingly, even when I finished my food, they were still there.

Friday, September 23, 2005


When I 1st got to know you, you were very brash, had an attitude problem, and never liked to be close to anyone. Soon you got accustomed to me, an dwe had many happy times. There were times when you made me mad, and there were times that you made me sad. We had our fun together and I watched you mature.

For the last 5 yrs, I see you in my room, for teh last 5 yrs you let me pat your head, for the last 5 yrs I fed you and took care of you. Now that you have passed on, I hope you are resting in a happier place. Its silly when I cried my heart out when Snoopy died. Though I had forseen this day that you too will join him, that you would leave me. Yet till now, I only hav etears welled up in my eyes.

Its been a good 5 yrs my dear sweet Peanut. I will miss you terribly, but I will move on, take care and rest well, you have been a good rabbit all this time.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Life mimic art

I always thought those movies that stated that in a virtual reality, when your mind suffers an attack, the mind is powerful enuff to simulate the same damage to the real pyhsical damage, were shitting me.

Last nite I had the weirdest of a dream. I cannot rem the details of the dream but I do kno wthat in the midst of it, I had an accident of sorts, and injured my right foot. I also dreamt that I had a limp in my walk in teh dream after that, even so I could almost feel the pain as i took each step in my dream.

This morning when I got up, as I took my 1st step out of bed, I felt a shearing pain in my right foot, as thought its injured. Knowing that I did not hurt it when I got home last nite, I looked down and saw no external injury to it. But it still made me limp a bit as I walk. Till now the pain is still there.

So is it real that the mind is powerful enuff to make something experienced in virtual world a reality?

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The Arrny loves you....

During my 2 week long vacation in the north of singapore, I spent most of the days playing my PS2, as this supposedly exercise is to last 2 weeks long, I decide to bring my set in with a LCD monitor so that my time is not wasted whilst in camp. The army is pretty fucked in that sense, they make you go in for 2 weeks when you actually need only at most 1 week to do what we did. so the remaining of the time was spent meaningfully honning or skills of button bashing.

The only time where anything was done was in the format of a 2 day one nite stay outin the hostile jungle. hostile becoz of the enviornment, hostile becoz of teh the mozzies that might transmitt dengue to you. The Army has a new fav past time, it is called, lets rush to wait. Well the like to rush to wait and wait to rush when everything could have been done smoothly.

Our one nite stay was as secure as it can be, as I am in teh HQ of teh battalion where the CO is, the 'crabs' are also in this area where we put up for the night. While they planned the night away for their morning movements, we were left to our own devices. The area we set up was also enclosed by barb wire, so as to ditter outsiders form entering our area. We also had passwords and all to let us thru.

Did I mentioned we were confined by barb wire in a small region in teh jungle? Oh yess I did, so much so that we all had to pee in the not so small puddle left behind by teh heavy rains few days b4. By morning the not so small pool grew a lot bigger and I can safely call it a human sess pool now. The stench of unrine flooded the area as the wmorning winds started to blow from the pool towards us.

The day was wasted in another round of wait to rush, and finally we all went back to camp never really doing anything but to get to teh location, set up a tent, pack up and go home. Now I can see my tax dollars really put to work.

Friday, September 16, 2005


I am supposed to blog about my 'lovely' stay in teh north of sg during my last 2 weeks of MIA, but today in a media class I learnt something intriguing.

In the free press survey, Sillypore is listed as number 48 (meaning not free) so there, now ppl remember all you whom were shouting freedom of speech shit. Well the truth is, there is no freedom of speech in Sillypore, none wad so ever. So if you not happy with something Sillypore has done, shut your yap up. Else they throw your butt into the rabbit hole, and we all know how far it goes

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Bob the builder....well not quite

I thinkI will have to rename Bob to sideshow Bob after my talk with him last nite. While I was away in reservist, there was this Balinese couple that very much liked our place when they came to view the house.

Bob came home when they were viewing it and started to make idle chat with one of them. When he learnt that they are from Bali, this is what he had to say, " So how? Bali still got bombings or not? " in his usual I am above you tone of voice. Well the outcome is easy to predict here, the couple was literally 'scared' away by his attitude.

Now when I told him of my own agent that there is a chance that she might get the price that he wants for the flat, at 1st Bob was very receptive, then later he told me that he felt that my agent felt rather shady and do not want to deal with her. He also mentioned to me aboutthe very interested Bali couple, which thinks I did not know about his 'bomb' conversation with them.

So I told him I will talk to him when he got home. Bob is one funny man, ifthe situation was not so serious, I would have asked him to do stand up. I told him that he scared the Balinese away with his talking down of other ppl's country and that he shld think twice b4 shooting his mouth off next time, unless he has no intention of selling the house.

The answer he gave really made me give up talking to him. Instead of his usual I am god almighty response he usually gives. He said that we must make sure of the ppl we sell the place to, that we have a responsiblity to the ppl that we sell teh home to good ppl. I was like WTF.....

HE started raving that when he mentioned about teh bombs their face change, only to show that they are no good ppl. I told him their face change becoz it felt like you are mocking them and who wants to buy stuff from someone mocking them, I mean he has his pride so does other ppl, why does he thinks that his is more import is beyond me.

Bob, or shall I say side show Bob has evolved into another level of nonsense that I have given up on. I still wonder does he really want to sell the place an dhelp the rest of teh family like he boast he will.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Reality check, A true story

Rarely do I induldge the world to my life, nor do I ever reveal anything personal. But for all you stalker fans, I know there is at least 1 out there, I shall give you a bonus today. I shall tell you a more personal story today, no car cutting my lane shit, no finger up someone's nostri, just a good old fashion story.

There once was a man, lets call him Bob, whom lived in a lil place called sillypore. Bob was a typical man of his time, a man whom grew up in sillypore when it was most harsh. Bob was the no nonsense I know everything kinda guy. Bob had a brother lets call him Charle. Bob also had 3 sons, lets call them Bob 1, Bob 2 and Bob 3 respectively.

For years Bob had lead a ok life, doing things to fed his family, to bring up his 3 sons the best he could. Then come one day at the ripe age of 55 Bob was given a token sunm by sillypore, actually its not really given, it was Bob's own money that sillypore forced him to save in their SDF bank. Anyway back to the story, Bob got this token which is really not a small sum, roughly $150K.

Bob gave some of his money to his wife, Mrs Bob, ard $20K and $2K each to his children to spend as a bonus. Then Charlie got wind of his small token and decided to propose a plan to Bob, a plan to make money, to set up a company. Bob is the kind of man that always want to look good infront of ppl, well execpt for ppl in his immediate family. Felt compelled to lend Charlie this money, to fund his venture and hope that it makes money. Bob has always felt that during his time of need Charlie had come to his rescue countless times thus he felt that what he did was just repaying kindness.

For a while Charlie ran his company as well as he could, but somehow his company did not do as well as he tot it shld. He setted up a company to fight the powerhouse of SPG(the company that makes and distribute the nation's neupaper). How can lil old Charlie fight such a hungry monster? Soon enuff his bussiness wound up, but not before borrowing more money from Bob, the bank and the men with big ear holes.

Bob even took back the money he gave Msrs Bob and told her that she cannot refuse lending the money to Charlie. The company collapse, Charlie went into hiding and Bob was made a scapegoat. Yet he has not ever blamed Charlie, and Charlie has no decency to return any of the money he took from Bob.

Bob was still ok for teh years to come as he could still work till the age of 62. All this time Bob was repaying Charlie's bank loan for he was teh scapegoat. Come 62, Bob retired, with no money in the bank, Bob 1 whom has his own family cannot help this one(he is a selfish bastard anyway), Bob 2 has not had a decent job for 5 years and Bob 3 earns only enuff for himself but spares all he can to the family. The family had to make drastic decisions and thus bob 3 said that they had to sell their home, as its the only thing left of value in the house.

Selling this home should have been easy, the place was good, the view was good and it is in the middle of a hub. Problem was, even when bob says he will sell the place, he seems to get very hostile instead of humble at every agent trying to sell the place for him, lso scary some of the customers by bad mouthing their homeland. Even when a buyer offered $2K shy of his target, Bob never relented, he die die wants his way.

Bob has yet to apologize for all he has done and still thinks that he has not done a single thing wrong and blames everyone else for the shit hole he dug. Mrs Bob stope dtoking to Bob and he got very angry, for monnth s he would wake up banging doors and things and cursing her a loud. For months Bob 2 and Bob 3 had to take all that shit.

Bob is my father, its sad really, that in his age he cannot admit defeat or wrong doing. He instead of salvaginig wads our last hope does the opposite by making it difficult to sell the home I have been staying for 29 yrs. The agent called me the last few times coz she does not want to deal with his erratic behaviour. Just this morning my father told me to tell teh agent to call him instead, but kowing him, he will just try to be the asshole he is and tell her off trying to assert his dominance on her when its not required. He is breed inthe time that loud sound equates to winner, which in this world and time is not the case. He is also rather sexiest as he views the femal e to beteh lesser of teh species thus his un relenting behaviour towards the agent.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Back to Earth, houston we got a problem

I wanted to blog about how 'enjoyable' my 2 week long vacation in the north was, wanted to cursed on all teh hum chee officers, the fucked up system and teh myrid days of rushing to wait and waiting to ruch.

But all these have to wait till my brain is less in a state of shock, when I can think clearly and start blogging properly again. Today I met with our home contractor and he let me have another bomb, it seems that after all teh work we have for our home, it will take another $2.5K to complete it. Both me and lil miss whiney are straped to our asses with finacial issues, these extra cost were hidden and not expected, I always thot that wad we had prepare was enuff.

Maybe I shld set up a 'build our home' donation fund, thus ppl whom like us can donate to that fund to help us tide over that $2.5K, but I am sure ppl will say that I am shameless. oh well, maybe i shld just say that it is a loan to us, but without big ear hole interest of course. So then where is this money going to drop from?