Thursday, August 30, 2007

Traffic rules

A bus should not be driving in the right most lane on an expressway, no matter what speed its going. Nuff said.

Fucking bus drivers

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My 3 weeks away

I have been away for teh past 3 weeks, cast away into the heavy jungles up north to serve my reservist. Before going for this incamp, we all received a letter statingthat how packed the training schedule was for this ICT is and thus no nites off was expected to be given.

Then there is the fact that for tehpast 7 years of serving for this unit, we had only receieved a single nites off plus we never ever had a single ICT allowing us to stay out really says something abt my unit. So lets hear abt what kind of disappointments I faced.

The 1st week or so, my platoon had absolutely nothing to do at night, so much so that i was thankful that I brought my PS3 and we ended up playing that for the 1st 3 nites, then there was the fact that they only let us go after 9pm on national day eve, plus wanted us to book in on national day nite itself.

Then there was the sat that they had indented dinner and made us stay till 6pm on that day. It really felt as though we were serving as an active unit again. Wait, I think this is worst than an active unit as now, SAF personnel is on a 5 day work week. So on friday nite we, reservist spent most of our time watching out teh windows and watchingteh young active boys book out.

But of course there is a good, what little good there was, that came out of this, for the 2nd time in our unit's history, they finally gave us a nites off, the CO saw how much effort we put into the out field training and thus let us out process on day earlier. I mean this is a milestone for my unit. I do hope that next year when its time to do that damned ATEC 2 in may, we will have a better time.