Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Look... Its Multicoloured bear....

Over the weeked, I had lesson yet again for the one asking for the sky, Lil miss whiney did not fly this weekend, instead she opted to be the camera woman. She had lots of fun video the planes and giving commentary for the yet boring flights.

The sky asker did very well this time round and she manage to fly the plane at times of more than 5 mins, which is a great feat, though she needs to improve on areas where she has to control the plane and not let the plane control her, or for that matter the wind.

After the saturday evening flight, we decided to go to causeway point for dinner. It was crowded and everywhere we went had a que outside. We finally decided to settle for crystal jade. Food was good as usual as we do not expect any less from the famous chain of chinese resturant.

The Meal was a tad bit too heavy and thus our journey to burn off some excess fats and investigate the shopping mall to see wad treasures it beholds us. In to a PC shop, the gals spotted a rather onimous mouse pad with a CGI gal's upper torso imprinted on it. Get this, the wrist rest is actually the gal's boobs, so the gals decided to have some fun with taht and used my hand to model as it wanting to grope the boobs. Sales ppl were laffing at us, yes we are shameless.

Venturing to metro toy dept, here is where the highlight of the day is, we were barely into the toys section when I spotted some new generation care bear stuff toys that were slightly bigger than palm size. At 1st we were proding on eof the bears in pyjamas and trying to figure out teh hood. LMW then picked up a multicoloured bear and I started to giggle a bit.

Then i said out loud, "you know how this bear came to?" Before the gals can react I blurted out " Its becoz one fine day all the care bears decided to have a Mass orgy" out in loud and clear. Near by was this 30-40 yr old man with his kids, on hearing that he glared at me, on see that, teh gals bolted away as fast as they can trying to act as though they did not know me. I dropped teh bear and left briskly too.

Maybe the guys kids wi=ould be asking their daddy wad is mass orgy...hahahhahah. Anyway I have kristen the bear Mass Orgy Bear. If anyone is interested to know wad it looks like, when you are a toy deppartment and you see a rainbow coloured bear, that is it. You can also called it by its dialect name, Chap Cheng Bear.

Friday, October 21, 2005

We try too hard......

We all try to hard to be known... to be unqiue so that we can shine in a way that ppl will see you from afar. But do we really need to? Wad does recognition and fame get u? Endorsements? Deals? Your name on the newspaper? So wad, when time passes, you will be old news just like a bat of teh eye. Gone to such existence where no one will care.

So why do ppl try so hard to find this fame and loose wad is truely precious in life, the ppl that truely love you, those that will stand by you, even if you have done a great wrong, they will never blame you. I feel that we take too much time in life to improve things that do not bring you any benifits, thiings like ego, self worth in fornt of others.

Even when you reach the top of the mountain but had to leave your love ones at the foot of the mountain. Are you really happy? Sometimes wad we pursue in life makes us lose focus or wad is truely important and they are those that love you for whom you are and not wad you could or had become. Maybe one day when teh dust settles mankind can look back and feel foolish for teh mistakes they made...maybe

Thursday, October 20, 2005

I am not Happy....

I am not happy that my father thinks I am unfilial for moving out
I am not happy that I had to fork out 300 bucks on top of all the bills I have
I am not happy that my brother took credit for the bill I paid
I am not happy that my father further thinks that I do not care about the family
I am not happy that people take me for granted
I am not happy that very few people are going for the party
I am not happy that I have to take over the lead
I am not happy that others can act irresponsibly
I am not happy that I have to do 4 nights shifts this week
I am not happy that I have to eat only instant noodles to save money

I wun let ppl step over me anymore
I wun let ppl accuse me anymore
I wun let ppl belittle me anymore
I wun let ppl take me for granted anymore
I wun let ppl have their way with me anymore

Monday, October 17, 2005

Lets flog NaiveGuy Day

These few days feels like i am being screwed by everyone. 1stly, bob has not paid teh home utilitiy bills for teh last dun know how many months and it had snowballed to 320 smackers. My bro with no income said, he cannot pay for it. My mum just looked so desperate. so I just had to take the bill, coz no money equates to no power/water the necessary shit to survie.

Then today I realize that this week alone I am doing 3 night duties plus I have to work the 3rd consecutive saturday in a row. If I have to work a few sats but not in a row it woiuld be fine. But ever since my ROM, I have been doing every single sat and I found it to be a bit excessive on my end that I am made to pay for thetime I was away due to reservist which is not by my choice to begin with.

Then sparked off a long e-mail to and fro from a few parties, in teh end, I am still doing my 3rd sat in a row(so much for the fucking 5 day work week promised) At least now I have only to work 2 nights instead of 3. Not much improvement but I take wadever I can get, that is, being a bottom feeder


Turns out that I have todo 4 nights this week and not 3, though now someone has taken to do my friday nite duty, that means I still have 3 night duties, Whoopeee...its fun being me rite...nah beh

Friday, October 14, 2005

So much to blog about....

As some of you may know, we went to thailand some where from 17th of Sept till 19th of sept, we have pictures and all but am still too lazy to blog about the whole trip.

There was the whole 2 weeks after that that lead to my ROM on the29th of Sep, yet due to some reasons some of you know i could not blog about teh event. less I invite witch hunters o my blog again and make a whole cumotion.

Anyway I felt its time to talk aboout it.

29th Sept 2005 morning 10 am

Was getting ready to drive down to Lil miss whiney's and pick her up, got her stalk of 'ball flower' and was on my way.


Got there and she was not ready, watched her fused over things and waited 10 mins b4 we left.


Caught in a Jam on the CTE on a thursday....why like that?

11:05 am

Got there a bit late but still had to wait at least half an hour b4 we got our turn. ROM nowadays super unglam, machiam like converyor belt. couple go in, couple go out.

12:30 pm

Gotto holland V spizza and had our lunch for the families. Event was a success.


Got to the new place to show the families wad it looks like, they seemed impressed so far.

All in all the day was tiring but very sucessful, we had our laffs an dfun and had a great lunch. the next few days after that was busy buying stuff to stock up tehhouse and unpacking all the things we brought over from our own homes.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Today I gave her the sky

Wanted to make this post earlier, well I still have to post about the Bkk trip, the happenings for the past 2 weeks, but since there is no internet at home, and work is getting really crazy as a colleague of mine is on study leave. I have not much time to blog.

But I do have to mention this. Sassy Jan's blog is titled 'Asking for the Sky' and on last sunday I gave her just that. No I am not having an affair like a lot of you ppl are thinking. I am giving her model airplane flying lessons. She has mentioned that she so much wanted to fly a kite, I was like, why fly kites when you can fly a plane and that started it all.

Her 1st flying lesson was not too bad, well only that she is not used to the concept that in an airplane, when you move the stick down, the plane goes up and when you push the stick up the plane goes up, no biggie, just that she put the slow stick into a dive a few times.

Lets hope that she will continue to take lessons as its always good to expand the members of this hobby

ok ok I mention ok.......

Later in the afternoon I went flying again since it was teh last day we can do it at MS. This time i taught lil miss whiny how to fly, why I did not mention it earlier is becoz he tag line is not asking for the sky mah, thus did not have teh same impact as mentioning sassy jan, not that I dun want to mention MY lil miss whiney whatsoever

Anyway her training was much better as we had mor eflying time, and being my wife , I could put my arms ard her to hold on to the sticks while she flew. She did better and thus flew longer but the heat fo teh evening sun made us a bit sweaty and soon we have to conclude the flight.

I think I soon can start a sch to teach new flyers leow. :P

Friday, October 07, 2005

The Game

Been reading this lately and dun know why some of the contents just makes certain things that happen more than a year ago seem so familiar.

I wun go into much detail now, maybe later when I got time to update this blog

Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Brain been dry, hard to blog, lots of things to sort out, will be gone for a while