Thursday, July 29, 2004

Ever Wondered......

Ever wondered if your life is governed by some mystic powers way beyong our comprehension? Like its supposed to go one way only, or a certain patha nd no matter how hard you want to stray from that path , some how some mystic powers keep you on that path? Confusing eh? Ok Let me try to bring it a few levels down of understanding. Let say you got this guy, lets call him A, A all his life has had a sheltered life. So he is not exposed to the myrids of harshness of real life. Also he is sheltered from teh dark side of life, i.e gangs, one nite stands, drugs and the likes.

So then A hears about all of such things but has never experienced it and is curious to find out more about it. Thus he goes on an adventure to live that kind of life, only problem is, no matter how hard he tries, he cannot seemed to be exposed that that kind of life. Even when he goes to the place swhere he has heard that exposure to these things are common, yet some mystical force disallow him to participate or be even aware of such events going on ard him.

I guess it is a sort of fate that is binded to everyone's lives. In a way I think that some ppl are given a broader type of life style to experience while ssome are only given a narrow spectrum to live in. Thus some ppl may be able to go to either extremes where others are stuck in either extremes or smack in the a small quadrant of the spectrum of the type of lifestyle to choose from. It sort of binds everyone to a certain set of choices we can mak ein our lives I guess.

In other news, yesterday some poor bloke threw himself on the tracks of the MRT on the tracks of bishan. From my sources, he worked for a company in the west and is a accountant and has 2 kids of one is 2 yrs old. Also the reason for his decision was becoz he was heavily in debt. Thus he thought by ending it all it would solve everything. I wonder if it does solve anything. I find it irresponsible to kill yourself an let your family settle the problems you created.

I am sure the debtors will look for the wife now that he is gone. I wonder if that will drive the wife to do the same thing, then wad next? Life is weird I guess, some ppl whom can live choose to die while others whom have short lives want to live but can't.  I guess everyone is ultimately given a choice to live or die whether you have a diverse fate or a simple one. I think I belong in teh simple fate catergory, coz in teh last few weeks even when i try as hard as I want to look for a certain type of lfestyle, it eludes me. Also coming from a person whom has contemplated sucide in my past, I find it hard to beleive it is the easy way out as I find it usually teh cowards way out as I found out for myself in my youth.  guess it was a hard time and now as I passed that phase, I think there is much mor ein life than stupid little problems that we cannot see past.

Yes there is many problems that we will face, but it takes a matured and responsible mind to clearly think it thru and live it wisely and maybe be rewarded well for the experience that you have gained. Oh last nite I was out again, a certain friend asked me why I so 'dao'. As that bitch friend of hers was with her, I replied ' I am irritating on IRfc and in real wad, why bother rite?' I dun go knocking on bitches doors to invite them to bite me if you get wad I mean :)

Monday, July 26, 2004

My Stomach is killing me!!!

Yesterday I went flying in an open field in marina south. as its in the middle of no where and there is no toilet or shelter ard its teh perfect place to go flying, as there is no buildings for you to crash into. Yet the place is still bustling with ppl like orchard road. Alot of newly wed couples go there to have their photographs taken, as though there is only one place where they can think of to go, so we decided to buzz these ppl with our planes, actually they are in our flight path for landing, thus....

Anyway the main gist of this story....well being in the middle of an open field and the only place to relief oneself is a drain that is indented about 2-3 mbelow normal ground level. My stomach decided to tell me its time to purge. Thinking that i could resist the urge and pack up and go to the nearest place I can think of to pruge my contents, I quickly packed my stuff an dgot ready to leave as soon as possible. Having this big urge in the stomach, I tot to let a lil fart out is the only way to buy some time.

So I tried to let out some fart, but the problem wa sthat shit wanted to follow it, or it was more like the shit was on top of the fart and thus if fart came out, shit will burst out 1st. So my dilema is here, I had 2 choices, 1) to shit in my pants, or 2) to run down to teh drain and purge in the open where ppl might be able to see if they wondered where i disappeared to. I did not want to shit in my pants as it would really leave a mark in my car, thus, I ran as fast as I could, backed my ass above the drain and let it all out. Yup I am a shameless dog!!! I shitted in teh open. and it was not pretty at all. And they want to convert the mouth of the river at MS into a reservoir.

There I was helpless with no tissue, having the worst type of shit(literally)  coming out of my ass, making a mess of the drain and a bit of teh ledge. This si really disgusting I tot to myself worst thing is that this is the nasty type of slugy type of shit you have when you eat something that really protestes in your tummy. A few ppl I flew with saw me doing my doodoo(the shame.....I shall not go there for 3 months) luckily one guy got my tissue box an dpassed it to me. Still I feel like  adog manz. Good thing is no gal saw me else they would have nitemares for the next 6 months. Oh well shit really happens, literally.

On a side note, I robot was quite good. The story and all. It has a plot twist that some may not catch till towards the end of the show.  For those scifi buffs out there, this is one show you shld watch despite the corny name. Oh if you guys can't see me on line or if I dun update my blog fo rthe next few days, I probably am busy sealing my ass so that I wun put myself to shame again.

Saturday, July 24, 2004

More avid replies......

This is more fun than since teh wheel was invented.......:P after reading mint's reply yet again, I felt that the word blog war was too strong, yet I have a lot of things i want to say to rebutt her but then I thought about it and am going to do something that no one else will usually do. I am going to leave it at that. Not that I am stating that I was wrong, as no one is wrong in their own blog, its a place for them to vent their hidden writer's sjkills anyway. Not that I am giving in coz she is a very attractive and talented babe, not that I respect her as teh friend I knew for soemtime. But becoz that I figure out that no matter wad I say in my blog, nor teh rebutts I put, someone out there will disagree.

I think in life we live it to satisfy ourselves, its hard to please one person let alone please everyone and I have made it a rule sometime ago that I shall not please anyone at all, but myself 1st. So I shall leave it as though I was wrong(notthe word 'though') in my views about the past comments about the questions that these ppl have posted. It seems that wadever I say will be viewed as politically wrong anyway so why bother rite? Its funny that it comes a time when a person can't even fart or make a statement of his own views in his OWN blog, dun you think? I mean the sole [purpose to a blog is to write out wad you feel. If not then why write.

I know a lot of ppl write in a way that seem to hamper wad they reallly want to burst out saying when they meet their closest of friends. Alas I dun have such luxury and thus I burst out in here wad my inner most thoughts wants to express. Yet I am rebutted from doing that. It seems to defeat the whole purpose of blogging to begin with.  On the hind sight, mint no matter wad is written in here I got this weird stigma in my gut that you will have something to say about so I shall leave it as that.

Anyway enuff crap about that. Now, at this point of time, its early morning of saturday, rain is pouring like the heavens were torn o[pen and water gushed out of its clouds. But why must it rain today!!! I want to go flying. Lately I have been neglecting my hobby, ever since I got the car which is funny, coz the whole idea of getting the car was for teh hobby. I think I shld start to get back to the hbby as my other past times seem to bring me more woes than happiness ( read nite at newsroom ). Also lately I think I have been having success in making ppl ard me pissed, be it on irc inet or in real. I really have a talent for it and I think I shld start courses on how to make ppl ard you pissed. I can charge 50 bucks a session and in no time I will be rich.

Why you say? well coz in sg it seems like everyone is workin all so hard to piss each other off everyday, thus, I can shw them how to do it in three easy steps and it wun be so hard anymore for them to piss each other off. Very soon we will be a nation of piss offs.

Tonite I am goingto watch I,Robot. I hope its good, though the story seems bleak and is a steretypical type of sci fi flick. So I heard, but will smith is a wonder for comedian and his cracks even in serious shows can be very funny.

Friday, July 23, 2004

NIte at Newsroom

On wednesday nite, or was it thursday morning, I had a averagely fun time there with bai and shervon, well fun aside from being calle dirritating at the end of it. Finally someone dares to say I am irritating to my face and I thought that would never happen. Oh well shit happens, like every thing else that happens, be it ppl annoy or you annoy ppl on the road while driving, be it getting pissed with someone or something someone said in IRC or blogs, be it the bird shit that falls from the sky, it happens.

Lets get back to wednesday nite(or thursday morning) was there at 10 with shervon at 1st and we where there waiting for the crowd to come alive. As usual a lot of older women(ard late 20s to early 30s) strew ard the bar like they were on the verge to pounce on the next most available bachelour. Well seeing me, with my no money looks, of course none of the gals there took to me, further more I had to cheer shervon up for the miserable time she is having worrying over some coz that is actually all in her head.

Of coz as a friend I dun think it was a waste of my time, at least in the end she got wad she wanted and went home(somewhat) happy. Well I like to see ppl I know happy, so I guess I too was happy then. As teh dance floor came alive, I decided to ask bai to go platform to dance, as there is no where else he shld dance but there at his royal throne. On top of the platform. Oh he had a friend with him and she asked another friend to come and that other friend broght 2 guy friends one for herself an done tried to know her friend. which is all so confusing now rite? :D you go figure that out yourself.

So I saw them on teh dance floor refusing to come up to the throne and decided to go to them instead. dancing down on teh dance floor proved to be a sort of hap hazard. Well for me at least, some crazy gal 1st tried to hit on me by offering me her ladies nite drink, which I refused stating that I dun go for freebies. Also not wanting management of that place to take notice of me for taking free drinks. Well I can jolly well pay for myself. Then she tried to take a glup and kiss me to force me to drink her shit, which is a NO NO for me. Nope I dun kiss strange women, I am 1) not that cheap 2) not going get wadever disease she has & 3)  already getting enuff on my own.

Thats the end of part 1, later on in the nite i noticed this chick dancing at teh platform next to ours whe we returned to the platform. She was doing a dirty pole dancing routine, giving the pole a sexual high. I must admit that this gal is rather attractive, a bit dark but rather attractive. Later in teh nite she came over to our platform and started her ordeal with 1st me, well a bit, buit I am not so recepptive to her, later to bai, which totally disgusted him. She rubbed her crotch on his lap or sometihing like that, which drove him off teh platform. I went outside for a while.

I came back and saw bai on teh dance floor, and that gal in white was now doing teh dirty dancing with an ang moh. doing full crotch to hip, crotch to face and so on contact. At one point of time she looked like she was giving him a blow job. No wonder bai left the platform. anyway I guess thats why all the angmohs think that teh gal sin sg are so cheap, with gals like that, I guess they would all think the gal sin sg are cheap whores who would suck on an ang moh dick anyday.

Even so later in the nite, as we con't to party on teh platform where that slut was alrdy gone off, the gal that tried to hit on me earlier is now hitting on bai onteh platform, this time she tried to rub her ass on his crotch, I was laffing so hard I coul dnot stand. I think I must help bai annouce that he is gay the next time to all the women. But by doing so, I think the gals will think I am gay too, anyway I guess gays attract a lot of attention, which in term maybe a good thing :D

We decided to leave ard 2 + and this is where all teh unhappiness began, I wanted to go off as iots getting boring, so I ask bai if he wanted to leave, then he had to ask his friend who in term want to ask her friend if she can leave and so on. bai's friend know that I sort of know her friend and asked me to ask her if she wanted to leave. I normally oblige to such favours as I tot nothing of it. At teh end of it all, for teasing that gal being 'tao' I got scolded for nothing. I mean I have heard stories about this gal being a bitch when she is drunk, ok she is a bitch even when not drunk, but I guess this is the last straw. From now on whenI see her I wun even acknowledge I know her. She is sooooooooo cheap as in trying to bed that friend she asked to come. Getting all high and all, leaning on that guy.

Wadever I say, you wanna fuck ard, go ahead fuck ard, you wanna be screwed up, its your life. Its not mine. you want ppl to think your a fucking whore, its your life, I no longer regrad you as a aquaintance. I dun need to waste my time. in fact after this inccident I think I will go part y on my own from now on. I really dun need such shit when I am out to have a nite of fun.

Lastly on my note of the entry I made regarding the 10ys 5yrs 1yrs questions, I am sure many of you read it and some of you were angered by it. Ok let me try to put it this way, I have a memory that preceeds 10 yrs, even for little details on things that I did, or say and even if I want to forget. These memories are stuck in my head. I read mint's entry on her unhappiness that I sort of took it too seriously when i read her blog about her answers early on and stated that she did it out to make it sound funny. Well has it occured to you that I did my entry out to make it sound funny too? I did not refer to anyones post about it, so that entry of mine wa snot directed at her , in fact I did read a lot of blogs lately about the same kind of entries and thus decided to state wad I had on my mind. OK I did not state this in that entry now I am going to do it here. Isn't it funny that they only did these question when someone else does it. If lets say, one do it today and one in a months time and so on, I wun have such a problem or so with it. I just felt that when on such friend does it, all will follow suite, which seems liek teh trend(sort of) spreads liek wild fire.

Wad I shld have stated is that, maybe if they want to reflect when they feel like it, feel free, but not when becoz everyone is doing it, it feels so fake after that. Well its all your blogs, and this is mine, you guys can sayanything on your blogs and so can I on mine, so I wun say whether it is rite or wrong to blog the things you wanna blog. I guess everyone jus want to say how they feel, like me I felt that way too much of that was happeniung and felt no sense of direction in doing that exercise, thus I wrote wad I felt. Frankly speaking, I dunknow who or how many ppl read my shit,  even if its none, its fine, coz in teh end of teh day, I still read my own shit. You ppl get my point. Oh and i find it pointless to get mad at ppl on teh net :)

Oh///yeah very very lastly, that gal(the one that offended me at newsroom) told me that I was irritating in IRC and am irritating in real. I got one thing to say, well actually 2, I am irritaing on IRC I agree, but in irc everyone craps, at least I dun act cute. 2) you better look at yourself more, as a lot of stories about you is circulating about how irritating you are ard in irc. I dun give a damn as I told myself to write you off as a person I even know. So have a good life and get fucked which ever way you like and stay out of my way bitch.  

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Wads with the self questioning?

These few days I have been reading al ot of 10 yrs ago, 5 yrs ago reflections on ppl's lives in their blogs, I must ask one thing, wad is it with these reflections? Life is too short to dwell in the past man. If I were to write these reflections it would sound like this:
10 yrs ago....
I was a human bean
5 yrs ago....
I still am a human bean
1 yr ago....
I am still a bloody human bean....wad do you expect??!!
You get my point? I just dun get the purpose of such an exercise, it has no purpose wadsoever.
Ok enuff about bitchin about others, I have been transfered to a new job and have moved in to my new secluded cubical. I now sit at a place I always want to sit for a very long time. no one to peep at wad I am doing from now on!!! The world s mine!!!Muahhahahahahhaha Ok I need valium this morning. Anyway the 1st few days on my new job, this system analysis of mine kept dumping work on me, like I am teh trash can. C;mon a man can only do so much.
I dun get it, I have been here for 5 yrs or so and he think she can dump work on me like  a newbie? I wonder why he dun do it to teh other memebres of the team. Do I have a rape me sign on my forehead? I must learn to say no to work from time to time now. There is only so much I can do manz, its not like i got 4 arms or so.
Tml is wednesday....ladies nite agian, shld I or shld I not..... well we will see how it goes 1st.

Monday, July 19, 2004

A little story

Walking down the rows of shops, aimlessly as I trode past each of them. Lost in my thoughts, and lost in my motions. Feeling empty inside, feeling naked outside. I wondered to myself if this is it. Am I goning to wonder aimlessly like this forever.  Wanting to complete myself, wanting to fill the emptiness, the hope in me is dimishing by the hour.
Then at that moment it dawned on me, that that lil corner I have yet to see. I peeked into teh shop, not seeing want I have long for made me sad. At teh corner of my eye I saw something all so familiar, could it be, it can't be, it is!! There it was sitting on teh display head. An oakley juliet ruby lens. I had to try it, I went inside and put it on, after 2 mins, I seem to not be able to take it off.
I was hooked, I missed teh feeling of it on me so much that I had to succumb to its power over me. 30 mins sit ting watching it in the mirror,  then came crunch time. I took out my visa for a swipe, just like that 800+ bucks gone. Only one thing I must say about myself........I am insane!!!
Its back!! I got it back on me!!!
Ok I sound like a obsessive deranged bastard....kakakkaka well I am sort of, minus teh bastard part :P A dear lesson I had to learn when I lost of older pair to some asshole who took it. I now will not trust anyone in my work place.
aside from loosing 800+ a day after payday, which my bonus sucks, I dun know how I am goiong to pay it off. Well most likely its bread and water for me for teh next 5 months or so. No more chionging for me too. Anyway no gals come up to me when I go, so I doubt I shld go at all :P
Well now I am in therapy(oakley style) taking good care of tehma nd making sure no scratches occur like the last time.

Tuesday, July 13, 2004


Ok ok the title says it all, I am pissed mad, yes I hav enot been blogging for a while, but who reads it? Anyway lets go into why I am so pissed. I have been working this period at another building to do some stuff for the nus GRADUATION(commencement my ass) and I work in the auditorium control room there. On friday, I went to work there in the morning as usual, put my beloved oakley juilet with ruby lens(market price of SGD$848) into its pouch and zipped it up in the top compartment of my bag. I then placed this bag in the storage cupboard next to the table we set up our equipment.

After the morning session of graduation, the whole control room as usual will head down to the buffet for their usual break. I too went with them to eat my fill. I spent a bit of time talking to the student assistants that I so know by now, till ard 12+ where I felt teh urge to go to my car to get something from it. With the sun blazing I tot to myself to get my trusty oakley out. Headed to teh control room, opened the cupboard, found my top pouch open, felt that I remembered to close it. Then I discovered it, some ASSHOLE took my oakley!!!!


That is the 1st thing rang out in my mind. Thinking that someone played a prank on me, I went ard the room asking everone is anyone saw it either on teh floor or the table or anywhere and decided to help me keep it. but no, no one admited to taking it. Of course I was pissed then. On simmering down I realized that there was just one guy among those emplyed that could have taken it. Its a student that was employed as a floor manager and his name is Randall I think. He look suspicious the nite b4 and somehow I just got this gut feeling taht this fucker took it.

Problem is I have no proof.....well guys there goes my ruby lens juliet, now I am having withdrawal syndrome not having it on me. I feel so naked when the sun comes out. Maybe in future when the guy who took it has a child with no anus, that will be the guy who took my sunglasses. Well it could happen. I am just so sad that I have to go look for another pair and spend that kind of money, i dun think I can do with it on me though.......oh teh horrors!!!

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Been communicating with childish ppl recently

I guess my nick name does imply that I am childish to others and it has teh knack of attracting either very childish ppl recently or matured ppl trying to give me chilidh answers. 1st and foremost, I like to state that this is a nick for myself and I would see fit wadever nick I would like to use. Second its a fucking nick you morons get over it already. Lastly, its getting tiresome and irritating havingto entertain morons like these already, so if you going to be either case 1 or case 2 dun fucking msg me at all.

Phew....that said, ok now for those that are of a matured audience have stayed on to tune into my whinings, well let me explain my situation, recently I have been knowing a lot of ppl on IRC, case 1 is a guy in irc that asked me about football and later decided to exchange msn contacts. This guy is a pest, lets just say, day in day out only tok about insurance to me, as he is an agent, I felt that if you want me as a friend, you shld tok less about insurance. Even if that is not possible, at least stop saying your company's insurance is teh best. All agents will say their company's is the best. Can't they get that out of their fucking head that unless some genuine friend tells me not to get his company's insurance and really makes a real recommendation from another company or so which is the best, then I will know that he/she is having my interest at heart and not trying to bullshit me about his company's shit?

I told this guy my opinion that every agent will say his company the best. Unless otherwise I will just take it that this guy is only after my money and not my interest as a friend. So he start telling me stories about his friends, how he give advice about buying jeans and they not taking it and regretting. I told him taht ppl like to mak etheir own mistakes, they dun like to be grandmawed. Then was like saying that his advice is always good, the thing is I dun even know him well, HOW THE FUCK CAN I JUSTIFY THAT STATEMENT IS TRUE???!!!! Wad a moron, he thinks my nick is naive and so I must take his word as law? Who the fuck he thinks he is? God?

I gave no hostile answers trying to state that a true friend wun keep toking about his product and asking his friends to buy it. Then he went started to say things like there are 2 kinds of ppl in this world, one that ask more and one that are too dumb to ask, and stated that I am the dumb kind, and of course with cowardice logged off afterwards. WTF!!! I only belib in that 50% of humans are dumb, and I am NOT dumb enuff for you to pull such a scam on, dumbass. Reflect your actions properly and do think if you really belong in that oother side of the fence where teh rest of teh 50% of humans are.

OK a bit Long I read on if you can

Case 2, I met some ppl in IRC, form this channel, where they go to a certain nite spot. Most of them are ard teh age of 20-30, well mostly are early 20s and I feel like one big old man there. Yet these ppl think that sinc emy nick is naive, they thnink I am dumb and really naive. I wonder how many stupid trees they hit when they were throw down the stupid forest. SOme of these gals in this channel, though 21-25 can really be so childish, and they say women mature faster than guys, oh yeah these nit wits speak like 18 yr olds or even 16 yr olds.

Wehn you ask for a simple thing like an age or so, do you think its amusing to ACT cute and ask ppl to guess, and at the end of the day when you are unbeleiving hearing ppl guess an older age, you juts dun want to tell after that just becoz you are pissed. i mean if its gonna piss you off, then say ur fucking age in teh 1st place.
DUn ask ppl to guess at all. You see the problem is so easily solved and yet these morons have no idea how to solve it. Just act like your fucking age and open yoru mouth and say. You are no longer a kid where by ppl hav eto coax it out of your CB mouth.

I wanna add one last thing, when you iRC and crap on tehmians, do you get insulted by some of teh things some ppl say? Esp when you urself started the whole issue? Esp gals whom insult guys by saying some stuff about their anatomy, then when the tables are turned, these 'gals' will feel hurt and get teh sympathy of the rest of the guys. WTF!!! you are no chaste gal in the 1st place by using vulgar words and why make it look like you are one? Damn these childish morons are getting to me more than I thought that it would. Oh well I guess when they grow up they will get a culture shock.

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Almost got into an accident

Well you have it, I guess teh 2 days of lack of sleep really took the toll on me. I was heading to yishun and as I wanted to change lane, i saw the vehicle behind me turned into the carpark, so I tot to move into that lane. i signaled and was about to turn and out of no where this motor cycle came speeding from behind. I braked hard and he too and resulted in a bump that had no damage.

The rider was not happy moved off and stoped in front at the red light. turned ard and started gesturing at me as though it was my fault. I admit I might have been hasty to turn out to the other lane. But i did chk all my blind spot and moved off promptly. The road was congested in front of me, and that rider shld not have been riding that fast in teh 1st place. He still dare to scold me after that. WTF, at least admit that you yourself could have been paitent and not squeeze between vehicles between lanes.

So I am going to do this instead.... I hop ethta guy 'si kia boh kar cheng' yup he deserves this curse for being impatient and try to put teh blame on me. motorcyclist shld know their own vulnerabilty and not speed and squeeze btw vehicles. They are small and no one can see them. He had his gf on his back and shld have been more cautious than that. Or was he tryingto impress his gf by zipping btw lanes thinking taht they can cut down their time. Well one day it might cut down their lives. This is most likely another victim suffering from SPS.

The past 2 days.........

I have been going out late with my god sis from austrialia the past 2 days and am utterly shacked out. I need sleep and if this goes on I will surely get ito an accident soon. Anyway lets tok aboutmy mei mie, she brought with her her 2 real sisters, of which one is 26 and the other is 16. Both these ladies are very attractive but of coz teh younger one was much more than attractive. She would blossom into a gal of many men's desires in future.

Well I could not just leave 3 lovely ladies in the lurch and not go out with them again when they asked rite. So for teh second straight day, i went out for dinner with them, fighting the tiredness as I did. I met my god sis at corpthorn king's hotel for dinner, and looked thru their day's buys from their afternoon of shopping. The older sis was sharing with me that she bought some hi heel shoes, where the younger was digressing a 5566 video CD and a bag she got off 77 street.

Then they took out some korean horror flicks thet they purchased too. The younger sis was proudly beaming that she enjoys such flicks. I was quick to respond that she enjoys it witha pillow half covering her eyes rite? Then she gave her lovely beaming smile. Well they got into themirror, which I added that they will refrain from seeing mirrors alone in rooms in future after watchingthat.

Today was at work to man the commencement ceremony, wonder why it is called commencement when its actually a graduation for the graduates. Even on graduation these ppl from uni must have some chim name to call their graduation ceremony. graduation say graduation lah, call wad commencment.

Monday, July 05, 2004

SOme observations

After getting to know some ppl form the music underground IRC channels, I learned a few things, one of them is that nuthing is wad it seems most of the time. Like there is this one particular pers on that I know from this channel, lets call her Miss A, she is not bad looking bubbly character but tries too hard to please a certain few guys in that channel just becoz she thinks they are hunks. Guess wad these hunks sort of try to 'siam' her and she just dun gets it.

So I tot to myself and tot that I shld conduct an experiment to see if she is boy crazy or is it that these certain guys got an X factor that draws her in. So knowing that she has seen me before I asked if I can get close to her or not. But the reply I got was that she was not interested. Dejected I came to one of either conclusions, and that is that either guys are too good for her, or I am butt ugly. I think the later is the reason. Oh well must get a handsome guy to conduct this experiment in future.

I guess that is where the bitch and slut meanings come about. You know the one that says ' the difference btw a bitch and a slut is, a slut wil sleep with anyone, a bitch will sleep with anyone but you!' it feels so true for my case. in teh end, I guess I know more bitches than sluts in my life. This is the life of such a sad ass like myself. Oh well time for plastic surgery then :P

Then there is a lot of conflicts among the members of this very weird and wild channel. Certain ppl dun like certain ppl. If this person is goingto chiong, the other wun. Its all very weird and hard to understand. I guess my philosipy in life is a simple one, thats why it have never bothered me if who goes or not if I goingto have fun. Life is short, dun live it a way that you will regret it.

Saturday, July 03, 2004

Nite at Music Underground

Well was bored out of my hide last nite and decided to go to music underground to see wad clubbing looks like nowadays. Reached the old MU at 1130 and found out they moved to specialist center, which used to be the Ridley's, I wonder where Ridley's is now. Anyway was there at 12 mn when I finally found a parking lot in the center itself.

The music of MU is like that of sparks main hall, more of a technoy type of music, the deco and space of teh place is not that impressive. Though the place was somewhat packed, its dance floor was something left to be desired. the platform, or so called platform is really small and stage like. then there is a inner room near the toilet where by the ppl there dance facing the bar in unisone. Very weird as though they are all doing a performance.

I met up with some one whom I met a few days ago, well lets just say that sometimes I shld just stay at home. Thinking that I would be welcomed by this new friend, all I got was a cold smile and not even a hi. well its ok, I am used to this kinda treatment in my life. I shld have asked Willy along, prolly with that yandao kia ard, I wun be so ignored. Anyway I guess thats life, no one will notice me, well not now anyway, maybe in my past things would be different. so what if you got car or money, nowadays sg gals wun even give you a second look if you are not attractive.

Which comes to my next point, who says that if you gt a car gals will come to you? Well I proved that point wrong last nite. Not a single gal gave me a second look, nor did they even glance my way. Well I guess my 'let them come to me' mentality is not helping either. I guess its my hair, its ridiculously short so they must think I am butch
kakakkakakkaka. well its a good thing too I guess, since I would find it hard to shake a gal off if she wanted to kow me. Lots of ah lians ard, but if your not flashing thick gold chains and an ah beng look, forget about gals even spitting your way.

Well Ig uess this marks the end of my chionging days, now finally I can give it a rest, coz I did not miss anything nether did anything miss me. I have far too long not give my planes the attention they need. Its time to get back to my hobby.

Friday, July 02, 2004

Spider Man 2

Watched the wall crawler yesterday, as I already read a review for teh show, I was expecting good things for the show. I can say that this is a great sequel to the movie. As with most sequels that do not usually fair well, I must say that they did a great job to make this a good show not to miss. Aside from the intense action the movie also backs a great plot and the more 'human' side of spider man is uncovered even more. Only thing missing would be spiderman's hilarious wise cracks that he often gave in the animated series.

Aside from the movie, I spent the whole day at home, playing with my bunnies, letting them run freely ard my living room and chasing them ard. This seem to make them stop scratching in the middle of the nite. Well maybe I shd play with them more often. Also since last week, I have yet to repair my planes from the minor damage they sustained. I know you are gong to say I am lazy, well been busy these 4 days and well, just generally lack of energy to do the things I need to.

Xando doe snot seem to be working, day 6 and I am still hovering at 76+Kg. At this point of time I would be thankful if it helped me lost 3 kgs. though my clothes seems somewhat looser(maybe its all in my head) but the numbers do say i am still at the same weight I started off with. Oh well life sux.