Wednesday, October 20, 2010


At work, there is a Burger King outlet that offers staff discounts for all staff in the compound, I bought a whopper meal today but was not given the 10% staff discount that i usually get on any other day without producing my staff card.

So I pointed out the mistake thinking that it was a small thing and they will just redo the order and give me the correct change. Instead what I got was a rude awakening, I was informed, by the manager no less, that since I did not produce my staff card, I will not be getting the discount.

Now, a 10% discount is a miniscule amount, but I was pissed with the reply I got instead of just losing the 10% discunt. At no instances did the manager, whom was serving me, asked for my staff card, and the sign that stated that all patrons are required to show their staff cards when placing their orders, was a small sign hidden in a corner.

It is ok to wantto cheat me of my few cents, but its not ok to state that it was my fault to not produce my card on purchase. What ever happened to customer is always right? All I know is the burger king here, in fact maybe burger kings all over the country has just lost 1 customer. they might say 'fine' 1 customer is nothing, but with that attitude of theirs, I hope they lose all their customers.