Tuesday, August 24, 2004

5 day work week for civil servants???

DId I hear 5 day work week for civil servants? Oh i am sure that PM Lee said so. The problme is that no one is mentioning it here. Funny that when it comes to bad news or annoucements in cuts in budget, the instructions are filtered down very fast and we(the workers) feel teh pain of it. Then when it come sto welfare like this, everyone acts blur. Why is it so easy to take away privillages but not give them.

Oh yeah btw I am in a shit load of work, can't blog much, well in fact no time to blog. who cares anyway.

Hey thats like my shortest post ever....

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Its Been a while

Yup I know, its been a while since I have updated this lil place I call my own. Lets see wads changed since I updated....assholes still drive on teh roads, gals in arts act as though everyone wants to shag them and keep their shitty lil noses up high in the air, the uni students here think they are god....and PM lee's son is in ARTs and the lecturers are suckingup to him.

Well basically nuthing has changed but teh fact that I cannot go ladies nite anymore and my life is turned upside downa nd am in a state of constantly moving form point A to point B. But the view is good not that I must say. The fresh young vaginas runing all over the place that is. Only thing is, they dun give a shit about me. So I think I will ignore them from now on.

Also today some staaff asked me if I was staff or student coz I parked my car in a staff lot. I told him, wad you think if I had teh guts to park there, so wad should I be? Morons!!! so many morons in this world, so little space left.

Anyway today is thursday, thursday sucks..... I have to work from 730 am till 9 pm
It sucks worst than anything else I tell you

Monday, August 16, 2004

The counter is back to norm?

Finally I see a more sensable counter back to norm. Wadever happened to my counter, I hope it sure no happen again. On a side note, I went to the nus bizad bash at rouge on sat nite. Well Sort of regretted going, coz teh ppl I asked along seem to not have a good time at all. They went somewhere else early.

Anyway I was there among all the young ppl, whom obviously dun know how to dance to save their lives. Actually if not for the ' Malaysian Queen of salsa' and wick aura performing that nite. Also teh promise of salsa for teh 1st hour, I would not have gone. Yet they did not play salsa music and the performance did not start till ard 11. obvoiously I was pissed and my friends were turned off by the young crowd, thus leavingto their usual salsa haunt early.

I stayed on to watch wicked aura and the salsa queen do her jiggy, boy is she good at it. Wicked aura was...'wicked' and their music rocked. Yet they did not play the tune that made them famous and i was again disappointed. Hoping that they would play it. The gals ard my group, being young had no sense in dancing and thus they were mearly shaking their asses or jumpng to the music like mad ppl. I guess i am too old ofor teh crowd that nite.

After the performance ended, I left as soon as I could, not really want to participate in this juvenile behaviour.

Saturday, August 14, 2004

Drawing conclusions

Recently, a certain friend of mine has seem to be avoiding me, I tot it was just maybe that she was busy due to life and all but when I was not added to her friend list in multiply recently when I tried to add her as a friend, I guess that something is really wrong.

My conclusions is taht there shld be certain ppl out there that are toking bad about me behind my back. Thats teh problem when you know many ppl. Also I guess there is a common ego problem that every guy faces in sg. I mean guys here generally like to tok down about other guys in sg so that they themselves appear better and more attractive to the opposite sex. Refer to my SPS post.

At least I dun go around sleeping with others and boasting to ppl that I am happily attached. Or teh fact that when a gal leaves me, coz I fooled ard outside and she found out, play victim. Wadever the case, I dun care whom is the one that is saying all the shit about me behind my back. Also if my so called friend wants to hear stories of me from otehrs and therefore want to avoid me, so be it. I believe as a friend if you want to listen to other ppl's stories and act upon them without clarifying with me personally if they are true, well I dun care for such friends. Since they dun want to even find out the truth before acting, I guess such ppl are not worth my efforts as a friend.

Anyway I have always been alone and thus one less one more firend is a non issue with me. Ever since secondary school, make and loosing friends has been a common place to me. Thus I never actually call any one my good buddy, though I might treat them as one I never admit it, for fear of admiting it would one day cause that friend to fall out with me. Thus I gave up teh idea of having such a friend.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

And today's lucky number is........

1168347..........Wahahhahahhaa that is teh number on my counter when I checked it. Ok its lame but I am too busy to deal with that shitty thing now. I dun think its acounter malfunction but more like some how, some one or ppl, want to make my site appear as a top site in search engines, got some bots to keep hitting my site thus the counter is running at 12 per second. Now i will never know how many ppl really come here to read my shit. Anyway I have given up on the counter already, I will just let it be till it becomes some obsence number.(like its not obsence enuff now, sheesh)

Well started my 1st week of hell, no more wednesday nite clubbing for me in a long while, no more clubbing for me in fact. I guess I will miss the times of watching drunk men and women in their stupor trying so very hard to get laid by their dream fling. I will also miss teh dance floor as bai and I used to dominate. Also I will miss the new names I get to know each week. So far there is Helen, Esther, Jaysomething, Janice and a few more that eludes my senses now.

Though I like teh nite life an dall, I guess I have been spending too much money going out at nite, probably this will help me kerb my spendingtill I can safely go at it again( probably in a months or so, so maybe never? who knows) The music, the lights, the women, the smoke, gawd I will miss it all. Well I guess i am a party animal at heart afterall. Time to tame teh wild beast and maybe put it to sleep.

On the other hand, a lot of fresh nus students all over campus since the term started. furthermore a few smiled at me today as I made my runs to get all the lecture theatres ready for webcast. I saw this SPG type gal with big eyes and she is so cute. I wonder if she knows I own a car...kakakkaka. Well I guess the problem with singaporean guys is that when a gal smiles at him he thinks he has a chance, but actually mybe she was just being friendly, go figure.

I guess thats why they say we singaporean men ar enot so cultured. LOLz. Work is like hell now, but I guess with all the fresh pussies running amok I dun mind the hard work. Also I feel that my tummy is shrinking, or so it seems, ok I know the wt is stagnant will you all be more supportive!!! Wahahaha I am in self denial. *rubs tummy* Tummy tummy pls shrink, I will be nice to you.

Oh well its lunch time and I am supposed to go eat, there I go..........

Tuesday, August 10, 2004


I came in here wanting to bitch about my work and wad do I find.......WTF is wrong with my hit counter, its like a time bomb running upwards....how the fuck do I get so many hits......WTF is going on. Will up date later when I got tthe time

Friday, August 06, 2004

Random thoughts part II

Some more nonsensical thoughts from this perversed mind of mine. Hav eyou noticed that the drivers in singapore really suck. I mean they are not courteous, nit picking and miserly. I feel that when ever you signal your intentions when you going to change lane, the driver behind you tend to speed up so that you cannot change lanes. I mean wad the heck is this? Isn't the whole intention of signalling to allow someone to tell others to give way as you make your lane change.

Then there is the issue of an eye for an eye. I noticed that when someone cuts a person off on the road, the 'victim' tend to chase the other party down transforming our roads into a highway to hell. Some even over take the party that crossed them and get infront of them and purposely slow down to irritate teh other driver. Thus slowing down the traffic behind the 2 morons.

Lastly, drivers in singapore tend to think that fuel is too expensive. Why I say so, well coz when it come sto sending a friend home, they tend to say they are out of teh way and thus they cannot send them home. If the said friend is not close to the driver, I would understand, but if its a close friend then I think its all bullshit. Why I say so? coz singapore is so freaking small. It wun kill you to send a friend home.

I think its about time I retire form the clubbing scene again. As when the term for NUS start next week, I do not think I will have time to go clubbing anymore as I need to be at work on thursday mornings at 730 am . Which will conflict with my Wednesday nites fun outings. Also I think its high time i retire from it all, as I have been in the scene for a long time. Also when I go I normally go on my own and it seems to be taking its tow on me.

Maybe in a few years to come i will begin to miss it all again. Also I have been asking myself why I am going at all. I mean wad do I want out of it? Is it to be seen and see, or is it just to look at women embarrassing themselves. I have no idea what my intentions are to go clubbing at all. Probably in teh past I was there out of curiousity also then I wanted to meet gals form teh fast life, whom tend to live life to the fullest without thinking about their reprisals.

I dun have a reason to club anymore and even if I went, going alone is definitely taking its tow on me. Its awfully weird to have to answer why I am there alone when i meet someone there.

Thursday, August 05, 2004

Getting old?

Was at my usual place with bai and his friend last nite. Seems to me that I am become more of a regular there nowadays. Ppl seem to regconize me nowadays, almost every week I get to know someone new, well only get their names and I am too lazy to ask for more details, I guess ppl will think I am super dao, or gay (which may not be a bad thing) Well after 4-5 weeks of going down I find that I think I am getting old to the scene.

I mean I guess I started again is becoz of my past life was very rich and vibrant in colour. Now it all seems so fake to me. I mean its sort of losing its luster for me. going to the club. Meeting strange ppl, seeing and being seen. I guess I feel old, having starting clubbing at 17+ is no help either. That is like 10 yrs of clubbing, well given that I took a 3 yr break b4 this yr. That is still 7 yrs of clubbing.

Somehow if I retire now from the scene, I am sure that I will miss it again in a couple of years and would again start my fetish for the nite life but at a much older age, by then I am a old fart and most ppl would ignore and stay away form me( which is almos happening to me anyway). The gals are not getting better lookig either, seems like all the real cute babes are at dbl O nowadays, but I find that place way too fake and I dun or have never had luck there anyway.

Work has been surmounting too and its not helping in anyway. Next week is the start of teh new term, one that I dread, esp when I am not prepared for wad lies ahead and everything seems so last minute and not done. Yet I have this weird feeling that everything will be fine. Saw some new students just now though they look so fine, somehow I felt irritated by them more than anything else. Maybe knowing that they will never bother to notice me is the real cause of my irritation. So wad if I got a car, credit cards and all. It does not seeem to amount to anything at all, or so it seems.

Maybe I am still bouncing ard in my limbo bubble that I dun want to face the real facts that I have past my prime? Whatever the reason, I will only know the answers after the weeks to come. When the real work begins and if i can handle it.

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

I am a SCHMUCK...wahahahhahaha

The Schmuck
Category XIII - The

How appropriate that you get the number 13. You're
an ass. A jerk. People tolerate you A)
Because they have to for some reason or B)
You're too dim to realize that you should GO
AWAY. Time to get a clue...

What Type of Social Entity are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Finally someone has the guts to tell me off, well not really someone, but something, I knew all that your too good for me crap is not so true about me. Oh btw that is the usual excuse I get when a gal wants to break up with me. I mean I dun get it, these gals are very selfish when they say such things to break up with a guy so that they dun feel guilty about breaking up.

I mean if there is something wrong with me, tell me!! So that in future I can adjust myself and not make the same mistakes with another gal. But no, just becoz they dun want to be teh bad guy when they break up with me, they tell me lies about me being so good, thus they get their cake and eat it.

Well now the truth is staring rite in my face, am i going to change, well I guess not, since its a bit too late and I stand not to gain anything if I changed at all. Thus I am going to go about my own oblivious ways knocking on ppl and pissing them off. Anyway the damage has been done, I dun consider myself having any real friends that I can pour my soul out to them when the shit hits the fan, thus I guess I have to find inventive ways to console myself each time i trip and fall.

I also learnt that the schmucks in singapore30+ channel are mainly chee hongs ( yes guys toking about you) like there was this regular today that wasard an dlooking ard to see if anyone was awake. Thus asking if all sleeping, when I replied he said I was kaypoh. But replied to another female user lik e a long lost friend. I think to these chee hongs, they shld ask, any of the gals awake instead of anyone i sawake. Coz their intentions of aksing that question is to get soem smpathy from the 'tarcos' in the house to boost their SPS.

It is so misleading that a person like me might mistaken that this half witted amoeba actaully wants a conversation, but is instead looking for some vagina to boost his already small penis. It makes me wonder sometimes about teh comments about singaporean men I hear from the ladies, both local and expat, that we sg men cannot make it. With such mentality, I ain't surprise at their conclusions, as it really seems that the men here only want to tok to vaginas, any vagina.

On a side note, next week is national day. Another year has passed, n I felt that another year has been wasted. I do welcome the long weekend though but I do not know what to do this year. I definitely cannot go flying this weekend coz of the area I fly in will be closed off, n they dun want 200 dollar planes crashing into their 3 million dollar planes.

This year i might go out for the fun of it instead, well we will see how things go, maybe in teh end i might just stay at home and adopt the foetal position and just sleep.

Monday, August 02, 2004

Jazzy blues on a Monday Morning

As the rain trickle down this sleepy morning, some of us still reluctant to get to work. Work starts out for me this monday morning at the UCC and to soft jazz music played and sung by the university jazz club. With angelic voice, teh lad singer, yvonne, croon to a few old time favourites of jazz and some new ones too. Though it was a cold morning, the great jazz played made me want to go back to bed even more.

Yvonne looks stuning in her red dress and with her soft eyes, and angelic voice, one can hardly keep their attention away from her. It felt like it was some live jazz bar where I could sit down and relax to my favourite bailey's on the rocks. Audio seems low, I rang out to the other team. I was tehre not to relax but to make sure that campus wide broadcast fo the event went smoothly. Boy I wish I was part of the audience. No, I wish I could get to know Yvonne, ok wrong head is taking over my senses, should tell him to yield.

10 am and everything was running fine, no more excuses for me to stay on. I guess its time for me to leave and head back to office, but not before i have my breakfast. Still in my head was the lovely tune sung by that lady in red. How unforgettable her face, voice and figure is.

Well teh last few weeks was really busy for me, moving to this team had have me up to my ears in work. thus i have no time to blog. I will still try to do so when I can, though no one reads this stuff, I guess its all for me.