Monday, June 06, 2011

A lil update, the good and the bad

1st the bad, had another accident again, this time round my car took a virgin hit to the front and the crash was quite bad. All this was becoz my cros were wet and slipped off my brake pedal while trying to stop at the carpark stop line. it did not help that i hit a speeding mercedes, anyway there willbe no way I can prove he was speeding so i decided to just suck it up and take the blame.

Now for the good, lil miss whiney surprised me with a gadget on friday, yes she got me an ipad2, I was very surprised as i was still using the company's ipad and we agreed not to make any big purchases due to need to spend more money next year on my car insurance. Her lil gift did put a smile on my face amidst the trying week I have been having.

Here is a montage of pics showing the unboxing of my iPad2.