Friday, April 29, 2005

Double Standards

Human beings are surrounded by a myrid of double standards. i have come to realize how hypocritical all of us are. So its not some that are hypocritical, but everyone. Do not believe me? Well I have compliled a lil list of this that most of us at some point of time hold double standards for.

It is okay for a man to fuck around, so can a woman.........I dun think so!!

When men sleep ard, we call it normal. Esp when the guy is not attached it seems to be teh norm to allow such behaviour, as in picking up strange women in pubs to have an ONS. Even those whom are attached or married are sometimes forgiven as calling it 'a show' as long as he is not serious with the 'slut' in question.

But as you know if there is no supply, there would be a lower demand, well its supposed to be opposite I know. Anyway wad I mean is whom are these strange women that are being picked up? These women must 'fuck like men' rite? But the problem here is these women are considered sluts. Thus if a woman was to 'fuck like a man' all the other ppl (from old chais aunties to any man) will think that this woman is a slut. This is a big no no to any mother in law if she knew that her coming dotter in law was active in the bedroom scene.

2 gals making it out is wild!!! 2 men making it out is wilder....I dun think so!!

We in society have always seem a bit touchy about same sex relationships. Face it ppl whom are homophobic will never go away, just as gay ppl will never go away. But in this time and age it seems that 2 gals making it out seems to be an alright scene with most ppl. Why you say? Well in most men's eyes they who think that with 2 gals making it out, when they are hot an horny, they can think that the gals would want him to join them and he gets double teh pleasure, double the fun. Even some women think that it is arousing to see 2 mowen at it with each other.

But when it comes to 2 men doing it, all men(healthy heterosexual ones) will reject the idea. Not one straight guy will think that it is artistic to see 2 men with dicks and balls and hair, fucking each others asshole arousing. Its a more sick feeling than that. Even a lot of women find this kind of sex not even near the levels of kinky. The only group of ppl that I forsee the only group of ppl that will ever enjoy such a feat is gay men.

Equality between the sexes we employ men and women the same....I dun think so!!

Face it there will never be a gender equality, women will kill for same pay for the same job as a men, but yet they do find it hard to let go the pros for being a women, i.e. doors being opened for her, being driven ard, guys carry stuff for her. Also at the same time Companies say that they do not practice gender discrimination, employs men for a role that needs more muscles and employs women if they can do the job cheaper than a man can.

You also wun be seeing men selling cosmetics and woman lumberjacks any time real soon rite?

Its ok to cry, women do it, so men can dry too....I dun think so!!

When a woman cries, those around her often comfort her and give her a shoulder to cry on. Then there are psycologist out there that say that those that do not cry develop mental problems. Yet when men cry, they call them sissies. Rite so men cannot show emotions, great.

Out this is all I have for today and will carry on on this topic next week when I come back form tioman. Have a good weekend.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

America!!! FUCK YEAH

We are dicks and you are pussies
dicks likes to fuck pussies
and pussies think they can control dicks
But there are assholes too who like to shit on dicks and pussies
Sometimes dicks fuck assholes too
Or else assholes will cover dicks and pussies in shit

Wahahahhaha Crap line I tell you. I watched Team america last nite at home with Lil miss whiney and I can tell you that it had both of us bowling with lafter. It is a seriously screwed up show that seems to be a parody in how america handles terrorism.

For the uninitiated, it is a movie that uses puppets instead of live actors and it is funny as hell. It also has a lot of gorey violence and some very raunchy and graphical sex scenes. The language borderlines on NC 16 and M18, well I think it could be a R21 too for teh sex scenes that is.

You should watch this show, I watched in on a dvd lent to me by a friend but as with all 'redistributed DVDs' coming from the north, teh subtitles at some point in time made no sense. As lil miss whiney preffers to watch all shows with engrish subbies as to grasp furthermore on the plot with words we cannot regcponize due to the slanging of language. It dawned on me that whoever did teh subtitles had a hard time deciphering the language too.

Do go watch this, not sure if they are showing this in the cinemas though, but I think they will censor the raunchy parts out.

Friday, April 22, 2005

I have been watching

I have been watching for a while, the happenings and the makings of wad goese ard in this little country we love and call Sillypore. Wad do you mean by watching, well wad i mean is simply observing. I like to watch the world go round, draw my own conclusions and to sort come out with my own theories on wadnots.

Mainly I seem to observe that ppl here in sillypore are almost 2 distinctive groups of ppl. Well at least from the blogs I read. Group 1 is more of thesqueaky clean sillyporean, where they abide in the law, do not do things that you only see in movies, believes in monogamy, etc. Then there is Group 2 which seems to the total opposite of group 1. I will write a brief description of the2 groups i have encountered.

Group 1

This group is more of ppl whom are family starter sort, They make a big majority of the populace. More of the average joe that goes to work and goes home without a life. The one that complains that everything is too expensive. Says that they did not vote of the PAP and wonders why they still hold the reign of the country.

This group of ppl usually do not take much risk in their lifestyles and thus usually go with wad is tried and tested. Also they seem to have this misconception that sillypore is all green and clean and that things like sex, drugs, crime and other vices only happens across our borders.

Group 2

This other group on the other hand seems to go unnoticed by the other while fully aware of the law abiding brethen in this little muck hole we call home. They thrive in late nites, designer drugs, even have a bit of casual sex if the partner looks rite. With recent coverage of young adults hanging out at pubs and discos and then later seen puking their guts out.

This 'shocking' behaviour did make news a few months ago, but such things are like everyday happenings to these ppl. in fact there are case whereby a stranger plucks a wasted gal from the floor an dher puke puts her into his car and brings her to some secluded spot to fuck her brains out and put her somewhere later on. Its normal to them.

Me as a watcher

I watch and observe both sides. I have been to both sides of the spectrum. Seeing t he green clean side and also teh down rite dirty side. Who says sillypore is boring must not know whom to mix with or just have friends that are all green and clean. Been on both sides of the fence before I do think the clean side sometimes does get boring. But at least its safe and predictable and predictable is good. Maybe I am in the stage of getting old and stop doing foolish thing phase.

Also a lot of blogs show the stark contrast of lif ein this lil hell hole we call home. Some state about mundane lives and how peaceful life is here. The most excitment that may happen in their lives might be taxi snatching or hand phone stealing. Where else some other blogs toks about endless boozing, partying, sleeping with different ppl, in a ala sin city style that potrays sillypore as a vice city more than a green and clean one.

Why.....Why must you do this to me

When I 1st met you, I gave you all my attention
I made you prime and proper
I gave you the best I could offer
I tolerated your tantrums
I nurtured you with my love
I spent sleepless nights by your side
And soon you were ready

The days after that
I touched you 1st when I reach home
I turned you on with a button
I caress your interface
I watched wad you had to display for me
I watched you in awe
I tended to you when you are sick

Yet you still do this to me.....
Yet you breakdown on me....
Why oh why, my 2.4Ghz pc, Why must you do this to me......

Monday, April 18, 2005


Forgot to put this part in when I blogged earlier in the morning. While at the flying field, some of my friends and I were toking about the upcoming decision of the gargerment to have a casino here in singapore

Friend A : Heard they shld be going for the casino here

Friend B : No shit!!

Me : yup we might need to relocate soon

Friend B : Why so?

Friend A : They thinking of using this place as the sight for the new casino

Friend B : No shit!!

Me : Yup damn assholes dun think twice (toking about teh gargerment). We are too small a community to be bothered with anyway

Friend A : Maybe one of the fliers shld try out for PAP

Me : For fuck? Be one of teh gargerment lackys?

Friend A : To preserve a place for us to fly.

Me : yeah rite, they already have plans for us, its called Ubin

Friend A and B laffing their ass off

Me : really they will not hesitate to ship yours or my ass off to that island if they wanted to

Friend B : so wad are your plans??

Me : HUAT AH!!!!!

Friend A and B looking at me with discerning thoughts......

Me (after a long plause) : Will be shouting that when I dive my 90 dollar plane at 100Kph towards their newly christen casino.

Me adding : with prolly a few kilos of home made explosives (its a joke)

All : Hahahahhahahhhahah

Sometimes I got too much time on my hands to pull shit out just like that. But I think they are really targeting Marina south for teh new casino. *sigh* have to relocate soon.

Flying Car at ECP

Yesterday as I went to fly in my usual field off marina south, a terrible accident happened. at that time (ard 3:30pm) I was standing ard watching my 2 other friends fly. We heard a 'bam' like sound that reminded me of wad a basket ball sounds like when bounced off the ground real hard. I turned to the ECP and watch as a gold coloured SUV was in mid air doing some semi spiral and ended up turtled.

Not to sure if the driver got out. Not too sure if the driver was hurt. Not too sure if it was a he or a she. But a lot of vehicles slowed down. A lot of vehicles stopped. A huge crowd of ppl got out to find out wad happened. The cars wheels were still running and the exhaust was still pumping out. Until someone managed to turn off teh engine.

It was a sight that was surreal and the road in question would be the piece of road that I would have used to enter MS. I usually enter ard the same time as the accident and by a stroke of luck that day i woke up early and mistook the time and ended up there half an hour earlier.

Drivers out there, I would just like to say this, FUCKING signal and FUCKING slow down when something appears to be wrong ahead and not try to swerve or force your way. It leads to no good. If you think rushing for that extra 2 mins is worth dying for then, I guess you shld just kill yourself now and not get others involved.

On other news

Read on the 'blogging queens' site regarding teh death of her friend and how disrespectful it is to have a pastor preach at a funeral. I agree totally, like how I agree it is disrespectful to dis dead ppl calling them names like 'stupid' and such. Its sad that she has to learn how to respect the dead only when one of her friends died. Seems like her friends end up paying for her 'sins' oh well I digress

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Newsroom revisited....

Told myself that I shld not chiong anymore. Told myself to have an early night. Told myself to not go back to newsroom, but bah....I did not heed my own words. Was out to town agian, after 6 months of abstinence from the newsroom. Actually teh night started having to want to go to gotham penthouse in clarks, but due to some unforeseen events, ended up in sultans.

Was there with lil miss whiney and her newly formed friend Queen of the Jungle, but in my head I keep calling her queen of cheese bums :X. Ended up in newsroom coz dbl o que was long. The gals took 2 drinks each and decided they had enuff of the place where teh drinks are like water. I had my usual. The place change, if felt sleazier than the last time I had been there. There were multitudes of old chais profession class women in their 30s and men ten years older to boot.

Also a sudden influx of china looking ppl are flockingto this place or is the latest fad to mock dress up as a china person. On my way out I was surprised to see that they had some poker game going on and they had a sort of currency that was as useful as a pee soaked tissue paper. the catch is, if you win enuff 'JD monneh' you can change it for an ipod mineh. Yet I thought that they had to appy for some sort of license in order to start a sort of gambling den. Yet the grey areas of sillypore surprised me again.

Ended back at gotham again. When walking towards the club, I mentioned thatin my haydays, some places would not allow sandals into the club, the thing is with the current style, it is usually a blur line btw wad defines a scandal and wad defines a high heel. With life immitating 'The truman show' style, when we arrived at the club, Lil miss whiney was banned from going into gotham due to the same reason I stated 2 minutes ago inteh lift. Like as though life revolves ard me, freaky man.

Ended up parting with the Queen whom made a bee line back into the club for her free intoxication and me sending lil miss whiney home. Well thats another 4 hrs that went down the drain which could have been used to build up my city :P

P.S. the last part is meant to be a joke if lil miss whiney gets annoyed seeing that

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Testing my paitence

The Chow Chee byes of UOB TPY better watch their attitude. Nah beh I just want to open a frigging investment account so that my agent can use it to do my CPF investing for me and thus the agents at UOB will not make a single of my cents made me wait from 310 till 5pm just to get it done.

On top of that I did not eat lunch. I 1st arrived at 3.10pm to get a number. Saw my number was 1077 and they were serving 1072. so I thought I get teh acc done and go home for food, at this point hunger aklready set in but I tahan some more. Boy was that a mistake. I waited for 20 mins and the fucking number did not once jump at all. I had 5 numbers ahead of me... how like that.

I told myself ok lets go home eat and come back maybe just rite my turn. Then I wenty home ate 2 bowls of my mums greatest macaroni and went back down to get the fucking acc done. the number jump to 1083 CHOW CHEE BYE. On the ticket there is a clause that states that if I miss3d my number I had to get a new one. 1089 was my que number now. I thought ok... shld be very fast since from 1072 - 1083 took them ard 20 mins. The time stated on my new ticket is 3.55pm.

I waited......and waited....and waited.... time is now 4.35pm and I am still not served plus a number was ahead of mine. These CHEE BYE kias like to talk so much to others in front of me, furthermore i noticed that all those infront of me seem to be ladies. Nevermind I wait. While waiting I heard this gigalo looking CHEE BYE kia stating to his colleagues that he only serve women and not men. I tot he was joking. So I waited, the CBK had nothing to do and chatted with another colleague. Then he saw this old lady coem in quickly wentto her and ask her if she needed assistance. Nvrmind I tong...I lun

Then my turn finally up, went to counter, the bitch at the counter told me 'oh you want open investment acc, I cannot do it here, you go to thsi counter' wait that is an empty counter, in my mind fireworks were going off. 'He went to toilet, he weill be back to serve you' it was another counter that was serving a mother and dotter before me and he sounds like a faggot. He even was very chatty with the duo as I was seated very nearby while waiting and heard some of teh convosation. By now smoke is coming out of my head and I can fry an egg on my forehead.

I waited somemore and wad happened? The CBK earlier that served the old lady was done, saw the mother dotter duo and another lady waiting for their accounts to be finalized, went up to them and asked if they needed assistance. CHOW CHEE BYE, I wasteher like 30 mins why you never ask me!!!!! KAN NI NAH BEH CHOW CHEE BYE I NOT HUMAN SI BOH??!!! I glare at the fucker and gave him my 'blessing' (usually in the form of KAN NI NAH SI KIA BOH KAH CHENG).

Thats it, I will never open another account with these fuckers. You CHEE BYES, you lost a customer today.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Holy Kao!!

Kaos appearing at Toa payoh gardens, along the CTE, along the ECP at marina south and now at selegie...
Kaos appearing in red, yellow, orange and blue....
Kaos that look like 2D cartoons....
Kaos that distract drivers when driving along said roads....

WTF is with all the cows that I have been seeing on the roads in the past 2 days. They are bright in colour and look like they are grazing. Has the sillyporean government finally lost their marbles? They want 'natural' wildlife to attract more tourist? Or are they just plainly annyoying the citizens of sillypore? Your guess is as good as mine.

At Lil miss whiney's site she posted a few pictures of teh said cows. I always thought that the only 2 Kaos we have are 'kao beh' and 'kao bu'. But now they are everywhere and ppl are not noticing them yet??!!

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Meeting for the sake of meeting

Yup thats teh trend, why do they like to waste time to meet and can nothing accomplished? Worst thing is that there was no need for any of teh onsite techys to be ard, as there were no items for them nor was there any projects or questions directed at them. Yes I am one of those unlucky onsite techys.

Nuff of my whining about my time being wasted ( could have done something more productive, like sleeping :P )

Been reading Caleb's blog On his latest entry about these group of ppl that visit places of ' interest' in sillypore. I read all teh entries that was link from that page and wished that I too had the group of ppl there interested to visit the scary site. I have always been facinated by the unnatural. The last time I was there with my bro, we had barely drove up the hill and was about to disembarked into the dark road, a rover with some commandos followed us and told us to turn back. Why are the red beret of singapore protecting this abandoned place?

The there was this time when I was with special miss whiny driving ard near the area after supper at changi village. We came across this part of the road somewhere inside and the funny thing was that piece of road had all the street lights turn off, or probably blown blubs, who knows. But i remember my bro telling me about a stretch of haunted road near his old camp that has the same phenomenom and he saw a woman turned into a huge flying bat then. All of a sudden I felt the tingling feeling on the back of my neck, I only got this feeling whenever I feel one of these 'things' are nearby. Thus I quickly U-turned the car and left the area immediately.

Then ther was this friend that related this story to me when he served as a commando in his hay days, he was serving in the old commando barracks which used to be part of OCH.

" I was told about the spot I was assigned to do my guard duty, someone said thatif an officer approached you while you were there, try not to look up when you anser him as most likely he would not have a head. Then another chimed in that the other nite somewhere pass midnight he all of a sudden smelled incense burning, and when he turned ard there it was, ghost money in a big pile burning. The thing was he swore he never fell asleep and swore no one walked pass me.

I brushed all these aside and felt that my bunk mates where making fun of me by tryingto scare me. I dun really beleive in that shit so I did not cared nor worried too much. I stood that nite near the tree on top of the hill where we had to guard a side gate. Surely enuff somewhere pass 1.30 am I smelled the smell of incense burning. I look at the small alter at the side of teh road and surely enuff there was a pile of ghost money burning there. It shocked me as no one was able to get past me nor sneak up on me to put the incense there. "

Freaky story eh? So next time you go up there, look out for it ok?

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Ok Ok I succumbed.......

I know I said I was not going to do teh sexy blogger thing, but so many ppl were into it and under 'peer' pressure I guess I succumbed to it and decide to givemy rendition. Are you ready for it?
Its hideous, you sure you want to see this?

Ah ha! I did say that if I did a take on this it would be one of my famous flying fucks. And you guys ask for it since you want to see it.

Also the other day (saturday) when I was going to the flying field some lorry driver was in front of me driving very slowly, so I decided to try to pass him on his right lane, then as I moved to that lane, he too move to that lane without signaling thus almost hitting into my car, i braked and swung to the left lane to avoid him at teh same time I horned him and flashed him (he deserved it). I also flash my famous finger at him and that made him mad, and he horned back and flash me. the nerve of that asshole!!

For that you get this too

Then that same day as I flew my new favourite plane and one of the 2 control surfaces decided to tear out in mid flight thus causing the plane to spiral dwn and crash, there goes 90 bucks down teh drain. To that I must say this....FUCK IT

By now you see that I enjoy flashing my finger eh, but do note this I only do it to morons'privileged' ppl. So if you are one of those whom got flashed, just keep that in mind :D

Friday, April 01, 2005

Just when you thought it was safe to read the newpaper

I just finished reading my daily dose of blogs thru the help of my ever so useful favourites tag in my explorer. Having wanting to have a break form blogs and decided to check out the local news scene. I went over to the ever so popular Electronic newpaper and wad do I see.....

WAD THE HEOW ...... I mean I have absolutely nothing against this self empowering 'Queen' of blogging but, how many of you think that this recent increase of fame will go to her head? I for one thinks that the increase attention she is getting will definitely make her head swell so big that she might even get stuck in an elevator door way. Also according to the law of physics, like a balloon, where there is only so much air it can take before it explodes, I think so will her head.

I wun want to be near her when that happens, esp when recently she vindictively went to weed out a crude gal whom spamed vulgarities about XX on a local forums. Thus sealing her fate as am ugly cab snatcher and was beaten by words to death by teh endless mindless sheep that follows the 'blogging queen'.

But I will be ard to watch the happenings when her head explodes, I could never give up a good show, especially when it is of local flavour and it would give us sillyporeans a tight slap about how ugly we can get in teh midst of an international community (blogging is international).

Now for something light and funny

Joke of the day

Please, show some... what is that thing called?

An American tourist was visiting a temple in Singapore when he noticed two statues of a man and a woman by the altar.

He asked the monk what was the significance of the two. The monk explained that in the Chinese system of yin and yang, positives must always be balanced by negatives, and having the two statues ensured that the universal balance was maintained.

"This statue of the woman is the Goddess of Mercy, Kuan-Yin."

"What about the other one?" asked the tourist.

In a hushed voice, the monk said, "This one is the God of No Mercy, Kuan-Yew."

As you can see I have been spending too much time in talking