Thursday, January 31, 2008

Wish List Revisited

Well time to look at my wish list again and update it a little bit more. I gone withteh plunge and got a few more of teh items in that list but my pockets are burning big holes now.

1) A new Radio control (JR DXS9)
2) A new Tank (Tamiya Panther?)
3) A new console (xbox 360?)
4) New batteries for planes
5) New planes (Nice F15 in Jet hobby)
6) New lenses for my Ruby Oakleys, maybe even a new frame
7) New Hard disk for the PS3(>200GB for <$250)
8) New PC games
9) New hardware to run the new games
10) Xbox Game Called steel battalion with all its controllers

As you can see 5 out of 10 is not bad eh. Oh well, on the side note, I see CNY eve havingto work till 6pm a bitch.