Wednesday, January 02, 2008

A lil Recap

Juat a small update to those that are interested what I have been doing while on leave all this time. Well for one I do not update my blog or read blogs or even come online when I am on leave or at home. Cause I got thousand and one things to do.

Anyway this was my past 3 weeks.

16th of Dec : Had my tea ceremony

Yup finally did the ceremony, now there is nothing that is outstanding.

17th - 21st of Dec : went to Taipei

Taipei was fun, the weather was cool, like there is aircon everywhere. Tried their hot spring and also their road side stalls that sold lots of things to eat. The taiwan sausage there is nothing like the crap we get here that is over preserved. They got very nice BB guns that I cannot get or bring them into sillypore.

28th of Dec : Had a brush with death

While I was crossing the road at Lido from wheellock, the light was well in my favour when suddenly 2 meters in front of me a red mitsu colt dashed out. The colt hit a odessy that was in the cross traffic (light was inthe favour of the odessy) and ended up in the opposite direction of the other lane at scotts road. Turns out that it was a female driver. Am still thinking if I want to make a more detailed post about this.

29th of Dec : BBQ and KTV

Had BBQ at my bros place and then went to meet some of ppl at Boat Quay for KTV. A lot of drinks were served. I only had green tea. Went home at 2am

30th of Dec : Dinner at canivores

Had dinner with a few friends and Jaywalk. The food was not too bad, but the price is high. After that we end up at movida at St james, which was a lil dead that nite (being a sunday night) Had a few drinks and went home at 2am again.

31st Dec and 1st Jan : Stay at home

Was playiong warhawk on ps3 these 2 days, as did not feel like going out.

And that is it. Anyway went to watch 'I am Legend' in taipei, the show was a lil disappointing.