Friday, January 11, 2008

Shit Hitting The Fan

The new term is aboutto start and things have been a lil crazy these days. To make things a lil more hairer, my vegan colleauge is off to serve his reservist for teh next 3 weeks. That means that i getto take over his duties, on top of mine.

For all the shit heads thinking that I am whining again, imagine this, you have to work everyday day for the next 3 weeks at 730am, and then imagine this, that you can only go home at 8pm, on firday's there is a special, yougetto go home at 10pm. How nice hor?!

Its just funny that I work in a place that is supposed to be known as avery relaxed, yet I get fucking crazy schedules, yet some ppl whom work in other depts, refuse to do OT citing that they got lives and family commitments. Thus all their OT jobs ended up with the 3 of us. So we got no life or familys eh?

Yet I still get a just pass rating for my performance, man if this is not shit hitting the fan i wonder what is.