Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Its been 3yrs and 1 month since I got my PS3. Now it is sitting on a work table with its BluRay player unable to read BluRay disc. Its funny that it still reads PS2 games. Its even funnier that my PS2 that is over 6 yrs old is still working like a charm.

I heard there is a conspiracy on SONY's part that when they launched the PS3 they sold each unit at a lost. I also heard that a lot of ppl's PS3 have similar issues about the BluRay drive and for most it usually takes about slightly more than 1 yr for the drive to give and SONY will charge you USD$150 to repair (replace) it. What you get even then is your whole unit replaced with a refurbished set, swapped you hard disk over and then reformatted losing all your precious saves, esp those that you cannot back-up due to some copy protection they have on them to prevent ppl spread save files.

Maybe SONY makes up the lost revenue this way by some how making their newest system break outside of warrenty, making the masses that were loyal to them fork out another $150 justto have their system working the way it should on day 1.

Me, I just hope the dingy part that I get from Shenzhen solves my problem, but I heard bad things about those parts lasting more than a few day. Looks like I will have to let go and get a new PS3 if I want to prolong my gaming experience. Else i might have to give up on gaming completely....*sigh*