Tuesday, October 06, 2009

What I want to say....

I have been quiet over an issue close to my heart. Recently I left the forums of the hobby group that I usually meet up for every 2 weeks for the last 4 and a half years. I was pissed at the actions of some of the members whereby they started to put 'stuff' in their tanks to enhance the weapon on their tanks.

What I am more pissed is the IMPOTENCY of the so called owners of the club. For the past 3 yrs or so, I have been running most of the club functions and trying hard to 'sell' the club to other forums to try to gain more members to join us.

I have been running most of the show, as the other 2 so-called owners are 'too busy' with life. Like I am not busy with 'life' huh? It is your failure to sort your own life that made you 'too busy' to begin with. They even promised to resolve this issue of teh illegal modification. But till now they have never did so. Did I mentioned they are impotent as leaders?

Even after I left I had never held it against the owners on their short comings till now. 1st they accused me of trying to create my own kingdom, what the main owner too stupid to realise that everytime he gave a directive, like what kind of game format we shld play or where we shld play or how we shld play, i will put it to action for him.

WTF is that? Me creating my own kingdom? I just want to organise fun games where everyone can enjoy and can go home happy.

Now they accuse me of philsing, they say I create a new acct just to wreck havoc in their forums. Since that very day they deleted my acct till now I have not gone in as a member. I also refrained from going in as a guest to view the war raging there.

I heard that they even thought I hacked into a certain other member's acct and started posting on his behalf. Really?!! Do they have such a low opinon of me? At least I am not a balding old man whom has business ethics of a pirate. Whatever, I hope they really go fuck themselves now. They have really proven to me how self serving they are.

Last note, all those newbies that they are currently driving away, really is their own doing. I wish to say I could take credit for that but, I always give credit where its due.