Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Just when you thought it was safe.....

Recently I spent $200 in repainting my car, well just to remove a few scratches I have accumulated over the 2 yearsm mostly done by in considerate assholes whom scratched my car and then ran away.

I found again yet another nasty scratch on the right back of my car, Its not one of those scratches that someone leaves behind when they accidentally brushed against your car, even if they had a metal belt buckle on.

Its one of those deep scratches that goes all the way through the under coat. Its either someone was moving some thing heavy and decided to rub said heavy object ( said heavy object had to have a sharp point protruding out too ) against my car or someone really has a beef with me at my work place.

If its the latter, I hope the fuck face has the guts to face me instead of resorting to wuss like behaviour.

Just when I thought everything will be fine after the repaint and I can have my merry peaceful way, this have to happen, Fuck My Life.