Thursday, November 06, 2008

Staff Carpark

Over heard while having a meal in the canteen, this guy was complaining that he had to pay exhorbant fees for parking in the staff carpark. He was saying that he had to pay over 40 bucks and was shocked.

Well well well.... hey moron, there is a reason that the carpark is you know.....for STAFF. Thus you are the idiot whom robbed a staff of a carpark lot and yet still dare to complain that you had to pay exhorbant carpark fees???!!

You are lucky they did not clamp your ass down and then youhad to pay another 100 bucks on top of teh 40 bucks. Idiot! So many times I curse at those assholes whom do not have a staff label yet are parked in the staff lots. Now at least I know that some of them get what they deserve.