Thursday, July 10, 2008


Every year around this time, I will be busy doing duties to cover the graduation ceremonies. Every year I see new faces gleaming with happiness as they get their certs and leave this place.

To them I guess its very magical, to graduate, to go on stage get a fake paper roll and take a similarly fake photo. Then to top it all off you get a pop of streamers and some balloons falling from teh ceiling. Everyone is cheering, everyone is happy.

Then there is a person like me, whom work in the backstages of such events. The magic was lost some where in the 10th or so ceremony I 'attended'. Sometimes I perch myself on the upper floor to watch the comotions below.

I often wonder if these ppl realise that after 'this' day they will be slogging for soem cooperation out there, that their lives are going to be very routine from now on. That they are now truely on their own fending for themselves.