Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Reservist ???!!!

I have been too lazy to blog recently, even when I had a lot to say about the 3 weeks of reservist training I had recently, I still find it hard to come to teh blog and update it. Anyway just an update on why I think the army organisation is a failure at such

First thing you get to hear whne you report to camp is, that in order to shorten our reservistto under 3 weeks, we will hope you understand that we will have to stay back on sats till 6pm every week. Understand this, we all have families, even on the outside world, most of us hold jobs that does not even required a full days of work on sats, so how the hell are we supposed to understand that point.

We never asked to shorten the reservist period and on top of it, the make up pay that most reservist gets is actually a sum that they use your basic pay and divide by 22 days a montha nd pay you according to the days you serve your stint till. But there is a catch, this calcutaion is based on a 5 day work week which is stated on the NS website. Which just says that we are in effect getting no pay for all the sats we burn. How very fucking nice.

Then there is this lil game you like to play with us, coz during the vesak day week end, the whole battalion did evry thing chop chop and somehow you let us go early on that sat. yet you felt that we were ripping you guys off and decided to ask the whole battalion to book in on vesak day itself at 7pm. So you expecting the whole battalion to tarbao and come in camp to eat frigging dinner sibo? Then how about those whom have family engagements?

Every year they call us up for training and every year they have to prove to me that they are very inefficient as a organisation. We are either ruchingto wait or waiting to rush. Every single frigging thing seems to be a last minute instruction. How the hell we going to defend this country properly with such a mentality?

The highlight of this training? Anyway this incamp is our ATEC, which is supposed to assess the combat readiness of the unit, on the 1st mission (out of 3) our CO(commanding officer) decided to be very garang, he went to the front lines to try to kill some enemies toward steh last objective of teh mission and some how he got killed. A frigging CO got killed..... I wonder what that will do to the moral and confidence of the men. Throughout the rest of the incamp, everyone was talking about it.

In the end we manage to have a just pass to the units combatr competency, which is just fine for me. Afterall, I did go thru 7 days of no shitting and no change of cloths and it I had to do this all over again, I might have gone insane and go kill someone there after. Also they should stop treating us as nsf and let us stay out on our own, it feels like we are gawd damn babies or something giving us excuses why we cannot stay out or so.