Monday, May 05, 2008

Dear Blog

Dear Blog, I have been a very bad boy lately. I go out of my apartment, eyeing on pretty cars I cannot afford. Hoping that someone gives me one. I walk pass strangers purposely into to them at more times than others hopingto provoke a fight.

But recently I got worse, I started to take those cars I lust for. I even drove a car into a gas station last night just for the fun of it. It blew up pretty nicely and I even scored a few free explosions of cars nearby.

Nowadays brawls become a vehicle to gain wealth. I take the money of my lifeless opponents that lay sprawled on the ground after I give a few stomps for good measure. I even bait hookers and take their money after they give me their services.

Its come to a point that I can create a lot of trouble and still manage to run away from the law unscathed. I have even pumped a few cops full of lead with my trusty shotgun and just getting away like nothing has happened.

I drive through the city at blinding speeds, not even apologizing if I graze someone else's car. The cops are sure weird, they only cared if I hit them and turned a blind eye to all my speeding and running of red lights.

Its weird but funny at the same time how I manage to get away with all this carnage and remain out of lockup till now. I love running around in Liberty city and finding all the little secrets she holds.

Seems like its going to be another 3 months before giving Grand theft Auto 4 a rest.