Friday, April 04, 2008

I got fucked by the post

Sometime ago I bought some stuff online, usually my oline purchases are non events, this time round, everything seem to have gone wrong for me. 1stly when a registered article is sent to you, you should get a notice at your door. Somehow mysteriously, this notice never appeared at my door.

If that fails, a second reminding will be sent to your mail box, somehow again mysteriously there was no such reminder, in fact the only reminder I got was that of one of my neighbour's, being the civic person I am I even went toteh extend of going to my neighbour's place to give him the notice.

Still my package did not arrive. Today a friend of mine showed me how to find out if the package is lost or not, to my surprise, it is on the way back to the seller due to it not being claimed. these are the factors that contributed to why the package came and went back to the seller:

1) Seller was on holiday for a much longer time than stated in his auto reply
2) The notice that was supposed to be on my door some how flew away
3) The reminder was probably put into the worng box, thus I got other ppl's reminder instead
4) The seller did not provide me with a tracking number, only after stating that I did not receive it that they replied me with one.

So now I just paid $20 for my items to take a round trip from germany to here and back to germany. Not sure if they going to make me pay postage again, at the same time the items cost me $200++ and I am stuck btw a rock and a hard place if I do not wantto pay for the extra postage.

All I can say to the postal services here is ....KNNBCCB

Turns out that the seller wants to split teh cost of the shipping, extra 10 that I have to fork out