Friday, April 18, 2008


Thats how I feel, be it that my car is still in the work shop, be it that I might have lost $260 worth of stuff in the mail, be it the mounting credit card bills and various debts. I just feel miserable.

Then I read about other ppl's spouses getting things for them when theyknow that their spouse is feeling stressed just makes it worse. Makes me feel unappreciated or worthless at his moment.

Somehow I wish ppl can see that I feel like shit and give a damn. its like I dun matter at all. Then at the same time I have to still care for the stay cat in my work place, still care about the stray dog down at my home. Just wonder who cares for me?

To be fair Lil miss whiney bought me 'Call of Duty 4' when I was broke some time ago, not that I want things from her or anything, just sometimes I feel unappreciated thats all.