Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Anatomy of a really bad day

Events of 7th April 2008

07:10am - Left home for work
07:30am - A taxi decided to ravage my car from behind
08:30am - Stuck at teh accident site waiting for a tow truck to come pick my car up
09:30am - Reach workshop to settle paper of the accident
10:30am - Got my rental car
11:00am - Went to local GP to do a check up due to stiff neck
11:30am - was sent to NUH to do an X ray for my neck
12:30pm - Still was at NUH waiting for my turn, had not have lunch yet
02:00pm - Finally got to do teh X ray, still have not had lunch
02:30pm - Still waiting for the review, decided to go have lunch
03:00pm - Returned back to the A & E to wait some more
04:00pm - Finally left the A & E, and there was nothing wrong with my neck
04:30pm - Returned back to work, neck started to hurt like hell
05:30pm - Had to go for RT, neck is still hurting like fark
06:30pm - RT starts, neck hurts, no one cares
08:30pm - RT finally ends(late), had not have dinner, tired, in pain
09:00pm - Got home with dinner, ate and bathed
09:45pm - went to move the rental to the carpark and put night coupon
10:15pm - Got home and watched dirty jobs
11:00pm - Finally gotto bed with a sore neck

Details of teh accident

As I was travelling along Jln Boon lay going into the AYE, a black honda civic in front of me performed an emergency brake. To avoid collision, I perfomed an emergency brake, narrowly missing the car infront. A silvercab taxi that was behind me did not stop in time and hit me from behind quite hard. A toyota vios behind him also could not stop in time and hit the cab from behind thus causing teh cab to move forward to hit me again.

My car had substantial damage to the boot area, some parts of the metal was pushing against the rear wheel of my car which did not allow it to be driven off, I had to wiat for a tow truck. AIG then told me that I had to wait 1-2hrs for a tow service to be available. Soon after a tow truck from a company called MOVA came. The old chap then proceeded to convince me to allow his company to repair my vehicle.

I 1st had an impression that this guy was from the workshop that deals with the taxi insurance and thought that they want to quickly resolve the matter and thus offered to repair my car. Later I found out that this is not the case and this guy just happened to be in the area and offered to help me do my car and convinced me that they will claim against the taxi company.

I hope this not cause more problems for me in future. On the upside, they were very prompt to rent me a car immediately so that I will not be inconvienenced. I do hope that my car will come out in top shape and I do not regret using them.