Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Game Review : Metal Gear Solid 4

Metal Gear Solid 4 is an exclusive PS3 released game. for fans whom have been following the MGS saga since it took on the 3D format in the PSX version in Metal Gear Solid, you will not be disappointed with this latest(and maybe final) installment of the series.

This time round you will be playing as snake and only snake, unlike in MGS2 where you played snake momentarily and then Raiden for the better part of the game. Though Raiden does make a come bak in this game, as most ppl have seen in one of the initial trailers konami released, you will not be able to use or control him at all. Though being a cybernetically enhanced super ninja does sound like a hoot to boot, but no...

The game is slated to be a 30hr game, but I managed to complete it within that time frame on normal mode 1st time round. A lot of the game is spent watching all its pretty cutscenes. It feels like a movie more than a game and lil miss whiney complains that there is too much cutscene. me on the other hand like the beautifully rendered cutscenes and they tie up lots of loose ends from the previous games.

You even get to go back to shadow moses island from MGS1 but now in beeauitully render 3D and atmosphere to boot. There was also an easter egg on coming to that act which will make some of the fans chuckle. I do like running through that particular level with current gen graphics.

As for the game play, the way it works now is that the action and stealth adspect of the game is very streamlined. You even get a choice on how you want to play it. You can run and gun even in FPS view. If that does not suit your cuppa tea you can then sneak pass every single person and even not kill anyone.

I myself enjoy to do a bit of both but in my 1st run through I normally killed the next bad guy I encountered. The designers of MGS4 concentrated on the dynamics of the characters in game, rather than having you run through a huge map try to get from one point to the other.

You will need to learn how to use most of your gadgets you have at hand to complete certain tasks. Though its not as open ended as GTA4, it still has its own merits. 1 thing that really surprised my was that if you shot a person in teh arm, he will drop it as though its injured. Then there is the ability to hold up a guy from behind and pat him down for items.

As for the gadgets I mentioned b4, you get a vast array of stuff that you can use. Of these the most important will be the solid eye, which acts as an enemy radar, NVG or bino, deoending on which mode you set it in. Then there is your trusty metal gear Mk II, which you can use to explore and retrieve items for you in relative safety. The Mk II even comes with optical camoflauge.

Among all these gadgets the most impressive and important one wil be your octocamo suit. This suit allows you to blend into yoru surroundings like a chameleon. All you need to do is to press against a wall or the floor and it will blend in with the surroundings. There is even a gauge to tell you how many percent are you covered and at 99% you can almost let an enemy soldier walk right past you without seeing you.

Then there is the drebin system that allows you to gain drebin points. These points are used to buy larger guns or more ammo for your weapons. They even allow you to get upgrades for weapons that can be upgraded. This will be a neat feature esp when you are in a pinch and you need more ammo to dig in for a long defense. you simply just go to the online shop and buy the ammo you need and it is immediately in your inventory.

Although the game felt short and the scole is pretty small, gameplay feels a bit linear, MGS4 makes up in all the beautiful rendering the negine makes. Plus the gripping story line, it all adds up and makes this game one of teh best to have came out in 2008. I will give this game a 5 out of 5 consoles for all the little details they have added to give this game the much needed relism.