Monday, April 13, 2009

Game Review : Resident Evil 5 (Demo)

I haven't gotten down to get teh full game yet as I was still deliberating whether to get the xbox360 package with this game (Resident Evil 5/RE 5) but had downloaded the demo on the PS3 for awhile. Had no intentions to go on it as I was still on killzone 2 for the past 2-3 weeks.

Then last friday, as it was a public holiday, I brought my PS3 with monitor and all down to Pasir Ris chalet for a few games. My brother wanted to try the demo out and I read that the game supported 2 player co-op mode, thus I decided to try it out.

In this redition of the series, you have 2 characters to play with, an ex-cop named Chris Redfield (from RE1) or a new character named Sheva. In the demo, they both have a handgun each, but they have different sub weapons. Chris has a sniper rifle while Sheva has a mp5.

The 'zombies' in the game are no longer your run of the mill grab and bite type. They have become a more of the mind controlled zombies in RE4. They now know how to use weapons aside from trying to grab and bte you. In a way they resemble some sort of alien when they try to bite you.

I liked the way that each 'zombie' melts away when you kill them to deal with disappearing bodies and the added touch of leaving some ammo when they die is a nice touch too. Though it does not feel like a survior horror but more like a action survior game, its a nice game to go at with a partner.

Its like when you played RE3 you wished for someone to come and help you, now in RE5 you have a buddy that is not a computer controlled bumbling idiot. Yes you getto trade that for a human bumbling idiot. Still its a great game to play with a friend. At times you have to seperate, as there are places only one character can go while the other just stays on the other side to support.

As I only played the demo, I cannot state if in the actual game it is as good or better than the demo. But one thing for sure, teh demo has made me want to get the game.