Monday, January 25, 2010

PeeAssThree Part II

About 3 weeks ago i decided to buy a laser deck from an ebay seller stating that they were based in Hong Kong and that the laser was fully working. 1 week ago I received the part, on installing the deck's blue ray was completely dead. What is even worse is that the ebay seller is actually operating from shenzhen (land of piracy)

Now with my part still stuck somewhere between here and Shenzhen, as I had to send it back then I can get a replacement, and the PS3 sitting in pieces still unable to play BluRay disc. I am left frustrated with the fact that I paid $80 to get a defective part which I had to pay another $10 bucks to ship back and no working PS3 and a whole lot of frustration.

Blardy fucking ebay sellers operating out of shenzhen.....why can't they be honest and state that they are operating from shenzhen instead of hong kong. That will lead to less frustration as I would have never bought from them to begin with.