Thursday, March 18, 2010

Too Good To Be True

About 5 years ago, bob the builder (aka my 'so called genetic father'), GAVE me 20K to help me start out my new life for my new place. Then about 3 yrs ago, he decided to ask me for 2K out of now where. I gave it to him stating that I actually do not have the money and the 2K I am giving him is borrowed money that I have to return on my own and that I cannot out of the blue give him money in future, he has to let me know in advance so that I can prepare for it.

This guy, who just 2 yrs ago sold our family home for 100K profit is now asking me for money back. How the hell does one spend 100K in 2 years (this is an on going problem bob has with money in all the years I known him).

Now after another 3 years, he suddenly left me a text that since we (his children) do not care about him anymore, he wants his money back. That is 18K as he alrdy took 2K from me. I have all along knew that I would have to somehow return this money, but if it was a loan back then, he should have said so, not pretend it was a gift and then suddenly take it back becoz he feels we neglected him.

The truth is, after the last time i gave him money, he felt that my reply was not satifactory to him about me giving him the 2K, and thus never spoke to me after saying I was a ingrate. He misunderstood what I meant about not able to give him more money out of the blue is becoz I had my own financial problems and not mean that I will not give him back the money indefinitely. Now he is accusing us of being bad sons so he wants his money back.

The funny thing is that everytime he wants his money back he will text me instead of calling me, I used to think he was a very brave ma, now I understand that he is all but a coward that likes to blame everything and everyone around him for his woes. Worst is, he thinks teh blardy worl revolves around him.

Now kids, what have we learnt today? There is no free lunch in this world, even if it came from your father.

With this I have lost complete faith in that man, and am utterly disappointed in him.

For those whom thinking that I am being unfilial to this man, you need to know the family history of what he did to my mum before thinking so.